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Alopecia and HD Lace Human Hair Wigs - A Conversation with Lacie Rodriguez

Alopecia and HD Lace Human Hair Wigs - A Conversation with Lacie Rodriguez

Lacie Rodriguez started losing her hair in college. After having her first child, she was officially diagnosed with Alopecia by her doctor. Thus the never ending cycle of researching hair loss and solutions for it on the internet began. 

After a stylist was trying to push tape in extension, Lacie explained it wouldn’t help her thinning on top. During a deep dive online, she found a YouTube video about a “hair extension topper” and it all clicked. Since then Lacie has devoted herself to sharing her experience wearing hair and helping women grow their confidence to do the same. 

We recently sent Lacie one of our HD lace front human hair wigs from our Silk or Lace Collection to see what she thinks about them after mainly wearing hair toppers. 

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Interview conducted via email Jun 17, 2023


If you could describe yourself in one sentence, what would it be? 

I’m a lover of connection, learning, and growth. 

You live in a small town in Utah. Do you find that it’s harder or easier to embrace wearing hair in that environment? 

When you know almost everyone in town, it can feel a little intimidating to wear hair in public and not feel like you owe everyone an explanation. For me personally, I think it helped me be open about it from the beginning. 

Whenever I would see someone who complimented my hair, I almost always would explain it was a hair piece. I wouldn’t do this to strangers necessarily but to someone who I know might be super confused about how I magically grew amazing hair overnight, I felt it appropriate to give a quick explanation. This helped me with my confidence quickly because I didn’t feel like I had to hide the fact I wear hair. 

I’ve never had anyone be rude about it and in fact I’ve had many people in my community seek me out for help in looking for alternative hair. It makes me super happy that people can feel safe with me just because I’ve been willing to be open about it.

You were 19 when you first started experiencing hair loss. If you could go back and tell 19 year old Lacie one piece of advice, what would it be? 

That you’re not a freak of nature! There are so many women going through this same thing and they’re not all post-menopausal. Forming connections with these women will help you heal in a way you could never imagine.

What are your pet peeves about wigs? What makes you feel hesitant about wigs over toppers? 

I have a super flat head. I’m talking flat in the back and flat on top, like a box. So for me, wigs just don’t feel as secure as my toppers. They tend to ride up in the back, at the nape of the neck. I just don’t have a prominent occipital bone and a higher hairline so the tension of the lace at the hairline is an awkward angle and doesn’t keep a wig in place as well as other head shapes. It normally takes quite a bit of prep for me to wear a wig securely and even then, I feel like it’s slipping a lot. I’m still working on finding ways to remedy that but I tend to gravitate towards my toppers because they’re just easier and more secure for me. 

I’m also so used to blending my own hairline that I sometimes struggle with lace. Sometimes it can look amazing and sometimes it can look obvious. 

What are your first impressions of the Silk or Lace Collection wigs

First thing is how realistic the hairline is! I love the bleached knots, the HD lace, and the plucked hairline. 

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On top of that, the band at the nape is fantastic and works like a built in wig grip. It feels a lot more secure than others I’ve tried.


What kind of wig wearer is the Silk or Lace Collection best for?

I think if someone is looking for an ultra realistic hairline this is an excellent option. Especially if you have thinning through the temple area since this hairline would recreate that beautifully. As well as someone who doesn’t like to wear wig grips but usually relies on them for security. 

silk or lace - hair loss - alopecia - human hair wigs

You can shop all Silk or Lace Collection HD lace human hair wigs here!

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