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Finding Hair Joy Again With A Human Hair Wig After Beating Cancer! Silk or Lace in NBC Dallas News

Finding Hair Joy Again With A Human Hair Wig After Beating Cancer! Silk or Lace in NBC Dallas News

When we started our wig and topper company, Silk or Lace, one of our main goals was to connect, build and support our local Dallas community of women with hair loss. 

Experiencing hair loss in any capacity can be challenging, but it's a different feeling when you look in the mirror and are reminded of your cancer battle everyday. 

After spending the past year beating cancer, Miranda McLoughlin mourns what her hair once was. She couldn't be more grateful to have a second chance at life, but, you never really know how much hair means to you until it's gone. 

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On December 4th, Miranda and NBC News came to our wig shop in Plano, Texas to experience what it's like trying on human hair wigs and the pure joy and emotions that go along with it! 

We connected with Miranda in early November after a family member of someone on our team mentioned knowing a woman with hair loss after going through radiation. Zoey Steck, a Silk or Lace employee said, "It's funny, hair loss is such a taboo topic it seams like, but every woman I know, knows someone experiencing hair loss in some capacity." 

During our consultation Miranda explained "I would see this bald woman looking back at me and it didn't look like myself". A person who just beat cancer is told, you should be happy you have your life back. The sentiment is more than true but when you have a constant reminder, like the loss of your hair staring back at you everyday, the memories can consume you.

Miranda went on to say, "It's not vein to miss your hair. It's not vein to miss the way you used to look pre-diagnosis and it's a really normal thing to feel like you've lost part of yourself". 

After trying on a couple of our Silk or Lace Collection human hair lace wigs, we got to the Ava wig and Miranda was taken aback becasuse it was almost an exact match to what her hair looked like pre-cancer. 

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Having Miranda in our office, feeling her bubbly personality fill the room and helping her find a hairpiece that made her feel like her true self again is the best Christmas gift we could have asked for. 


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