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Happily Ever After: Getting Married in a Wig or Hair Topper

Happily Ever After: Getting Married in a Wig or Hair Topper

It's the white dress flowing down the alter. The blooming roses, peonys, and hydrangeas announcing your entrance as you glide down the aisle. 

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Your beaming smile to your family and friends who stand up in awe is just the start of your perfect day. 

Saying those two words, "I do" have never been more life-changing, destiny-altering. As you look into the eyes of your partner-for-life, I'm telling you the last thing you want to think about is

your hair. 

The thought of it was like a bad nightmare to me. As I'm holding my bouquet and concentrating on the officiant's lines, I brush my hair back and imagine my hair powder getting all over my fingers. I rub it onto my dress and all of a sudden, everyone knows. 

When I got engaged, I just knew I needed a change. I just couldn't stand thinking about my thinning hair and looking into a mirror every hour trying to floof up what little I had left. 

I wish I had my engagement photos to show you. It had rained that day, right after spending hours putting clips on extensions in and using every volumizing product I had to get my hair just right. 

My hair immediately fell flat and the photos just looked downright awful. I immediately deleted them, never wanting to see myself in photos ever again.

It was then I decided, I needed to find a hair piece, something "next level" to solve my never-ending insecurity with my hair. 

Saying "yes to the tress" is not as easy as you'd first think it would be. 

I didn't know what to expect, but I guess I just thought if I googled, it would come. If I spent the dollars, I would receive quality. 

I was wrong on both counts. It took me about 4 months before I found the right hair topper I chose to wear on my wedding day and a few more months of practicing to wear it before it felt like it was a part of me. 

While investing in my hair topper was definitely one of *the best* wedding decisions I had made, it didn't come easy or intuitively.

Here's some of the advice I have for future brides on things I thought went well and some things I wish I would have done. 

1. Plan to purchase a wig and/or hair topper atleast 3-4 months before your wedding day. 

woman wearing hair topper wedding

Chances are, you may not be happy with your first purchase. It's hard to know what to expect if you've never worn a hair piece and you may figure out what you prefer (or don't) after a little trial and error. 

Build in time to experiment and count on being able to practice wearing the piece you end up choosing for a month so you can break it in before the big day. 

It's important to be completely comfortable with your hair piece before your trial hair appointment. On your wedding day, you should no longer feel like you have to check the mirror every second to adjust the piece. 


If you need to make any color or cut customizations, make sure to build this also into your timeline! If you're using a mail-in colorist or stylist, I would consider building in 3 weeks for turnaround time. 

2. Book a trial hair appointment and give your hair stylist a heads up about your hair piece before the appointment.

wedding hair topper

While some hair stylists may not have experience with wigs and/or hair toppers, they most likely have experience with hair extensions. The styling process is very similar, so it shouldn't be a big deal with experienced stylists!

With that said, don't be afraid to take the reigns and guide your hair stylist on how you best like to wear and position your hair piece.

Show them the ideal placement and what your prep process looks like during the trial so that they can be best prepared during the big day!

3. After your trial appointment, stress test your hair piece.

You want to make sure your hair stands the test of time...and dancing!

Wear your hair piece throughout the day and stress test its wear. Make adjustments accordingly (e.g. you may find you need stronger glue, extra tape, more hair powder, etc.)

Make sure to try it on with your veil as well - I didn't do this and found that my extra long veil was way too heavy and kept falling off my topper while walking down the aisle! Thankfully my topper didn't fall off!

4. Bring extra hair spray, wig glue/tape, hair powder, etc. with you or let your hair stylist/MUA know what you need. 

Your hair stylist may not have these specialty items on hand so make sure they, your MUA, bridesmaids, or wedding planning have it on their list - someone's gotta have it!!

It's also nice to have a point person be your "wig spotter", i.e. the person who is watching your hairline for you so you don't have to worry about it. If your hair piece slips back, if the lace lifts, etc. it's nice to have someone be on the lookout and be ready to adjust so you can be ready for step 5!

5. Most importantly, don't think about your hair on your wedding day!

hair topper wedding day

You've done so much prep work to get to your wedding day, enjoy!!

The best part of wearing a hair topper during my wedding was not having to think about my hair. It took such a huge weight off my shoulders and enabled me to focus on what was, the best day of my life!


Here's some stylists that @silkorlace's Instagram followers recommended:




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