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Lace Eyebrow Wigs – Your New Favorite Beauty Product

Lace Eyebrow Wigs – Your New Favorite Beauty Product

Remember the early 2000’s when over plucked eyebrows were all the rage?

human hair wigs - lace eyebrows - hair loss - alopecia

Thank god that ended. 

Nowadays it’s all about the perfectly arched, fluffy, full brow. Full brows can be a hard look to achieve if you have hair loss from alopecia, cancer, other medical conditions, or even if you’re just trying to recover from the over pluck. 

Not anymore, with lace-front eyebrow wigs you can get your dream brow in seconds! 


Silk or Lace, our luxury human hair wig and topper company, has just launched a new line of lace eyebrow wigs! 

lace eyebrow wigs -human hair wigs - lace eyebrows - hair loss - alopecia

What are lace eyebrow wigs?

First off, lace-front eyebrow wigs, lace eyebrow wigs, full lace eyebrow wigs – they’re all the same thing! 

A lace eyebrow wig is a piece of lace cut in the shape of an eyebrow with individual hair strands tied on to it. It’s just like a lace front wig only smaller…a lot smaller. 

The lace eyebrow wigs are made with Remy human hair and are individually hand-tied on to ultra soft and transparent Swiss lace.

Since they are hand-tied, each one is custom made and could have some slight variations. Which means each pair is one of a kind! 

woman wearing fake eyebrows -human hair wigs - lace eyebrows - hair loss - alopecia


Silk or Lace’s lace eyebrow wigs come in five different colors ranging from a light buttery blonde to a stark black. There’s a perfect shade for every skin tone. 

lace eyebrows 5 colors -human hair wigs - lace eyebrows - hair loss - alopecia


Not only are the brow wigs comfortable and have the dreamiest full look, but they are so easy to apply!


How to apply lace eyebrow wigs 

woman wearing eyebrow wig fake eyebrows - human hair wigs - lace eyebrows - hair loss - alopecia

(Model is wearing color #6)

We recommend applying the lace eyebrows to bare skin (no hair underneath) or to minimal hair with clear drying wig glue. Less is more!

Deposit a tiny amount of wig glue on a surface and dab either the edge of a metal T-pin or the end of a rat-tail comb into the glue to spread directly to the lace side of the eyebrow. 

Let dry for 10-15 seconds before applying directly onto your skin. 

If you would like to reshape your eyebrows or make them "bushier", we recommend using a wig glue remover (oil based) and soak the eyebrows into the remover solution. Rinse the eyebrow under cool water and carefully agitate the eyebrow hair in order to loosen up the hair. 

Set to dry on a microfiber towel and use a spoolie brush to manipulate to your desired shape. 


How to clean lace eyebrow wigs

Just like any wig that you own, lace eyebrow wigs are reusable and will need to be cleaned every one in a while. 

We recommend washing the wig glue off the eyebrows every 3-4 uses. Use a wig glue remover and soak the eyebrows in the solution. Rinse the eyebrows under cool water and gently rub the lace until the glue has come off. Then you can let them dry on top of a microfiber towel. 

At Silk or Lace, we understand the complicated journey with female hair loss or women’s hair in general and we are dedicated to making that journey easier one hairpiece at a time! This time it just happens to be lace eyebrow wigs! 

Buy yourself a luscious treat, and get those eyebrows on fleek! 

human hair wigs - lace eyebrows - hair loss - alopecia


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