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The Big Bang: How Bangs Changed the Way I Thought of Alternative Hair, written by @Beckiiwitthegoodhair

The Big Bang: How Bangs Changed the Way I Thought of Alternative Hair, written by @Beckiiwitthegoodhair

I consider myself a hair-wearing novice. I bought my first piece in February 2019, but did not start regularly wearing hair until a few months ago.

What got in my way of wearing the dang hair were my insecurities that the piece didn’t look natural. I would throw it on, debate it for as long as it took me to get ready, and end up taking it off.  

I also consider myself an impulsive person so it was not surprising that, despite my only recent plunge to begin wearing hair, I found myself communicating with a lovely hair loss sister (@skinandscrunchies) about buying her topper.

Not any topper, though… a topper with bangs! I had never rocked such a look (unless you count toddler bangs).

What piqued my interest in this style was the seemingly sheer simplicity and naturalness of the look. One of the things I struggled with was blending my hair topper with my own hair. Getting the hair to seamlessly transition together was overwhelming and I didn't feel skilled at it like the people I admired on Instagram.

Bangs hide the hairline, and therefore; eliminate the issue of using natural hair to match the seam of the topper.

If I liked these bangs, it could be the solution to my qualms about wearing hair. No pressure or anything. 

Finally, on Cinco de Mayo, the bangs arrived! I took them out of the box and I was shocked. It is jarring to see yourself in bangs when you are used to letting your forehead fly. I sat there in the bangs topper and looked at myself for a shameful amount of time. 

After much deliberation, scrutinized selfies, and a poll (91% pro-bang, 9% put those away, sample size: 78), the jury was in: I was a bangs girl!!  Here’s what I’ve learned since:

  • Bangs can be moody. Most days they will behave but some days, they will cause a stir. I am still learning how they best like to be treated, but a hot comb, a straightener, and a hair dryer are good to have in your tool kit when styling bangs.
  • Also, storage of the bangs is important for how they fare when not on your head. I have been traveling recently and was surprised at how placing my topper in a silk bag affected the way the hair fell. If you are wanting to preserve the style of your bangs while not on your head, it is best to keep them on a wig stand or wig hanger. 
  • I blow-dried the bangs following my second wash per @skinandscrunchies recommendation and I am happier with the results versus when I let them air dry. 
  • Let your bangs live, i.e. do not overdo with the styling. I essentially crimped my bangs the other day trying to get them to lay perfectly. The most natural bangs look requires some “eff-it-ness.” 
  • You will see bangs everywhere once you start wearing them. It’s like buying a car.


Bangs turned out to be everything I hoped they would be, and honestly, a little bit more. They are fun, trendy, but most importantly, they are easy!

It is almost like throwing on a ball cap and having the ‘do of your dreams.

Pre-bangs, I thought I had so much to hide with my decision to wear alternative hair. Bangs helped me to realize I actually had nothing to hide, but a lot to flaunt! 

hair topper with bangs



You can find me on Instagram @Beckiiwitthegoodhair.






Great article! I took part in that poll and I was totally one of the many that voted for bangs!

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