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Resell : Silkorlace FAQs

What are your shipping policies for Resell : silkorlace?

We offer free domestic shipping for our lightly worn wigs and toppers. 

However, international shipping will be charged and varies based on location. Customs and duties fees also are not covered and will vary based on location (the customer is responsible for paying all customs duties, fees, and taxes). 


What is your return policy for Resell : silkorlace?

All sales (unless noted “Final Sale”, which make the item final sale, no returns or exchanges) have a 3 business day return window from the day the package arrives to your door. If you would like to return a piece, please submit your request here.

After request submission, we will send you a return label (international orders must pay for their own shipping label back) and this label must be activated within 3 business days from your delivery date (not including the delivery date) to be eligible for a refund. You must use this return label only as this is how your item will be tracked.

The piece must be returned in the same condition and packaging. Any alterations, damage, or changes to the piece will result in your refund being void. 

Your refund will be returned to you via your original method of payment minus a flat $100 restocking fee per piece. No exceptions. Please allow 7-10 business days for your refund to process through your bank. 

All cancelled orders will be subject to a $50 cancellation fee. No exceptions.

Resell Silk or Lace Last Chance items are considered final sale when the LASTDAY10 discount code is used. No exceptions. 

To sell your lightly worn hair piece with us, apply here.


How do you determine your sizing and measurements for Resell pieces?

Here's our method on how we measure our Resell wig and hair toppers!


How do you verify the pieces once you get them?

We ask the customer for their receipts of purchase. If they do not have the receipts, we ask follow up questions and research the brand/piece in order to make our best educated guess about the piece. 

Of course, since these pieces are pre-owned, we try our best to determine accurate pricing and product details, but cannot 100% guarantee the information. We supplement this information with photos and videos of the current state of the piece for buyers to make as educated purchases as possible!


Do the pieces come in its original packaging?

All of our pieces will be shipping without its original packaging/materials. You will receive the piece in a flat envelope with the hair in a plastic bag. This is in order to keep our costs as low as possible so you get the best value out of your purchase!


Do you wash and style the pieces before sending?

When sellers submit their Resell : silkorlace piece, we require that they send us the piece washed and clean. When we receive the pieces, we style it and get it ready to sell! 

If a piece is sent to us and it is not washed, we either send it back to the owner or wash the piece for an additional fee. We do not alter the piece other than washing or styling it. 


How can I submit my pieces to sell on Resell : silkorlace?

You can fill out an application here and we'll get back to you within 3 business days!

If you have more than 5 pieces to sell, please email us at contact@silkorlace.com for a custom submission. 


Do you accept international applications to sell pieces on Resell : silkorlace?

Yes! We accept lightly worn pieces for Concierge service only from outside the U.S. However, we ask that the seller pay for the postage to send the hair piece to us.

For Concierge Service: If after 120 days the piece does not sell, we ask that you also pay for the postage to send the piece back to you as well. 


I saw on Instagram that my piece sold! What happens next?

Wohoo, your hair piece sold! We will be shipping it out to the lucky customer within 24-48 hours. Shipments usually take 3-5 business day to be delivered and afterwards, the customer has 3 days to decide whether they would like to keep the piece. 

If the customer decides to keep the wig or topper, we will email you notifying you of the sale and reimburse you via Paypal.

All sellers can refer to their Silk or Lace account dashboard to see the current status of their piece. Please reach out to contact@silkorlace.com if you have issues accessing your account. 


What happens if my wig/topper doesn't sell within the 120 days?

Concierge Resell pieces:

  • If after 120 days the piece does not sell, we ask that you also pay for the postage to send the piece back to you.
  • If you would like your hair piece back before the 120 days, you will be charged a $50 cancellation fee.

DIY Resell pieces:

  • After 120 days, your listing will be removed. If you would like to list your hair piece again, you may resubmit a new application.  


Is there a way I can see the status of my hair piece?

Yes! You can login into your account and see the status of your hair piece at any time. It will show you if your piece has been shipped, delivered, returned, or is available.

It also gives you a direct link to each of your pieces, enables you to change the selling price of the hair piece, edit your Paypal and shipping address. 


Can I color a Resell piece after purchasing?

 If you would like to change the color of the piece, we recommend dyeing it to a darker color instead of a lighter color. We do not recommend bleaching the piece as it could affect the integrity of the piece. If you are going to a salon stylist to color your piece, we recommend using a tester strip to test first before coloring the entire piece.