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Based on 437 reviews
Gardeaux Iwig, "#4986 - Dimensional Medium Brown" (R1709)

Thank you. My wig was perfectly described.

There is something in the front that makes it look not real. It’s the mesh, otherwise it’s absolutely stunning. The quality is beautiful. Can you take it ba k and just fix that mesh part because it really does suit me?❤️

Highline Lace Top Wig, "Medium Dark Brown with Highlights" (R1754)
First Highline & Silk or Lace experience

The Highline wig is incredibly soft and easy to wear. Comfy fit/Great hairline (albeit the lace on mine was trimmed very close to the hairline, which I knew). I’ve worn her a few times out and no issues with discomfort, no knotting or no frizzies. Haven’t washed or styled myself yet; as a natural curly girl, I’m sure there will be a learning curve! She looks so natural and was accurately depicted…no surprises from online to in person. First Highline/First non-wavy for me and I’m super impressed.
My experience with S/L was fantastic! Met with Zoey twice who helped me as a beginner wig wearer. Also loved the ability to try without restock fees…really helpful to me. Amazing hair, experience & support!

Highline Silk Top Wavy Hair Topper with Bangs, "Natural Soft Black" (R1621)
Most realistic scalp ever

This is not my first piece, but it’s my first top-of-the-line piece. Never going back! I was hesitant to spend so much money on a used hairpiece, but they made it so easy to feel confident, with timely emails, easy to schedule virtual fittings, and a fair return policy. This made me confident enough to move forward , and no returns necessary because this piece is AMAZING! The hair is amazing quality , the scalp is so natural ! My wig stylist who styled this for me proclaimed this the best piece she’s ever seen in her life, and she is a WIG STYLIST.


The seam makes dents in my skin.

Stacked Hair Lace Top Wig, "Sarah" (R1720)
Stephanie Mundt
Stacked hair Sarah

This is my first human hair wig and I absolutely love it! The hairline is flawless, and the hair is so pretty and soft. Silk or lace had it sent out right away. I couldn’t be happier!! 🥰

Super comfy

I hate things digging into my head and this was SO COMFY. All day wear with no headache. I love it.

Excellent product, does what it promises

Bought this in Transparent. Keeps my wig on comfortably and securely, giving me confidence. Just enough stretch so I don't feel like my head is being compressed. I have partial alopecia caused by an autoimmune disorder. If you have a sensitive scalp like me, BE VERY GENTLE when putting on or removing this from your head. The silicone grips really well, which means it may catch on strands of your regular hair too.

Mia Glueless Lace Top Wig, size Medium, 26" length
Experience Wig User
This Wig is Amazing (Mia Glueless Lace Top Wig, size Medium, 26" length by Silk or Lace)

You can only see the lace if you examine my head closely (Nobody does that!). The number one thing I look for is good lace. The lace on this wig is undetectable when I wear it. The knots are almost invisible. The hair is healthy, soft and it's able to hold a curl, even though it's straight. The coloring is amazing. The medium is a little large for my head (21.4"), but it works. It just pushes at my ears, but I can manage that. There is attention to detail that I haven't had in other wigs. The ear tab is dark, just like the hair, so it doesn't stand out under the hair. I did put scar tape under the part to give it more of a scalp illusion. It's a keeper. I was getting nervous bc I really needed a new wig and my usual places take too long.

If I'm being picky, I would've liked the hair too come with a higher density, but it does look natural. The price is more than I would've liked to have spent but I was in a pinch for a good wig for my vacation. For the price, I would expect it to come with goodies. Overall, this is an amazing wig. I'm extremely happy with it.

Madison Hair Collection Topper, "Mackenzie" (R1693)
Sharon Lodge

Haven’t received yet

Life changing

I have been trying to transition from wearing toppers to wigs and i was not getting the hang of it. I just put on this wig grip and it was easier to put the wig on for some reason and it felt so much more secure too!! So glad i got this!!

Madison Hand-Tied Topper, "Carmen" (R1719)
Mary Ann Miller
Love my Topper!

Love this Madison topper. Light weight and very comfortable to wear.

Mckenna Premium Silk Top Wig, "Mila" (R1669)
Elysia Likopulos
Mckenna silk top wig

The wig is very nice. And the cap is in good condition being it was previously owned. My only complaint is that the hair tangles after wearing it for a few minutes. I am surprised by this as I own another European human hair wig and never have this problem. I wish this was mentioned in the description. So that’s a bit of a bummer otherwise it looks nice.

No slip wig grip!

This grip provides the least nape slippage of any I’ve tried (even other velour grips). Not sure what kinda magic she’s got going here, but this one definitely works best for me! So easy to order on Silk or Lace!

Highline Lace Top Wig, "Mousse Brown" (R1624)
Lise Bang
I am in love with my new piece

After a lot of thoughts i finally trusted silk or lace and purchased my new Highline piece. It is the best thing i have ever done!
The piece is absolutely amazing and it fits perfect! The describtion on the website were totally correct!

Serenity Virgin European Wavy Topper, "Chocolate Brown with Custom Caramel Highlights" (R1692)
Hanan Boutahri

Looks Natural.

Madison Lace Top Wig, "Rooted Honey Bronde" (R1664)
Great first time purchase

This was my first human hair purchase and she's absolutely perfect!

Sai Stylez Scalp Illusion Cap Wig, "Caramel Drizzle" (R1647)
Hena Afzal
Amazing customer service

Suran helped me find the right wig. She was so helpful educating me about wigs and tips. I loved the quality of wigs I got to see. I would definately recommend shopping with silk or lace.

Euro Style Wig, "Chocolate Brown" (R1556) - TAKE AN ADDITIONAL 10% OFF WITH CODE LASTDAY10 - FINAL SALE
Eleanor Giesbrecht
Great quality, beautiful hair

Hair is silky and soft, looks beautiful! Fits true to size. Great quality. Love the volume on top and is easy to style.

Madison Comfort Cap Wig, "Elana" (R1711)
Most comfortable lightweight wigs!!

LOVE the Madison’s Comfort Cap wigs. They are just as comfy as the iwigs for a quarter of the price. Love the super soft high quality Mongolian hair and undectable HD lace too. Stunning!!

Dejaco Lace Top Fine Collection Wig, "Chloe" (R1567) - TAKE AN ADDITIONAL 10% OFF WITH CODE LASTDAY10 - FINAL SALE
Love their hair

Their wigs are super natural and amazing quality. Not sure about some of these used ones. But new this brand is a huge value for the price . I have spent over 3k on wigs that were no where near as nice as these

Silk or Lace Leo Collection Lace Top Wig, "Mia" (R1635)

Would not recommend. Wig does not look remotely the same in person, it’s shorter, and both the bleached knots and lace tint are awful.

Highline Topper, "Mousse Brown" (R1689)
Angela Lentz
Hand-tied Highline Topper

I am in love with my new purchase%21 My Highline Hand-tied topper is so shiny and super soft%21 My coworkers asked if they could “feel it” because it looked so soft%21 Before I ordered I had several questions and your team answered each one so quickly and courteously%21 %0D%0AThank you so very much for helping with my confidence and making me feel like me again%21 %0D%0AAngela

Highline Lace Top Wig, "Natural Dark Brown" (R1686)
Highline wigs are the best

Highlines are the best wigs I’ve ever owned! Super soft, perfect fit and great hairline.

Dejaco Lace Top Wig, "Chloe" (R1572)

I love Dejaco wigs. I own 3 Chloe wigs and they are all made incredibly well. This wig though was not a true size medium and will have to be taken in (I have cut the lace so I can't return it). There is too much extra material on the cap but the rest fits like a medium. The color is spot on for a Chloe and so is the hair texture.