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I am in love!!!!

This is my first real hair wig she is amazing!

Agent Imani

A little flat at the front, but otherwise this is a great wig.

Perfect wig.

Blown away by the quality of this wig. The cap fit perfectly and is so comfortable. The wig came quickly and customer service was great.

Agent Aspen

The fibers are absolutely beautiful, the most comfortable wig I have ever worn, breathable and doesn’t get hot. The coloring is amazing too, and it does look and feel very realistic, however the wig is so thin, and if you part it or move it a certain way you can see the wefts…I messed with it for a little and it looked okay but it started shedding and you could see the wefts even MORE. I wish the outcome would have been different because for $200 I was expecting a lot more. :(


I purchased the Reese silk topper and am really amazed at how soft the hair is! It’s just the right density to feel and look realistic. The cap construction is perfect. Lays so flat, especially in the front rim area. It blends so well. Overall, such a great piece at an amazing price point, too!!

Sarwar Afzal


All I've ever wanted!

It arrived and she is so beautiful! The wig is perfect for me! ! The hair line is top notch. The density is light and natural. the quality of hair is so soft. I'm very impressed. I've owned 3 other very expensive and 1 custom made wig and none of them compare to this!

The cap is so comfortable and I really like the silicone lined strap. I don't have to use a wig grip with the clips. It's perfect!

The color is perfection!

I wanted to share how much I love my New Naomi wig from the Virgo collection. The color is perfection with subtle highlights. The hair is so smooth right out of the box it was a must wear right now kind of wig!! The comb at the back is wonderful and I love how the wig fits. This wig is so comfortable to wear, I have a wishlist for my next purchase!


WOW is truly the only way I'm able to start this review.
I just received my first ever silk or lace wig and I am sold. I purchased Kate from the wholesale collection [Silk or Lace Collection] and to say I'm satisfied would be a total understatement. Not only is the color stunning, but the quality of the hair is amazing. The hairline is absolutely impeccable and it looks like it is literally growing out of my head.
I am amazed.
Thank you so much ladies, you did an amazing job. You definitely created a customer for life! If I was not expecting my second son I would be immediately buying another piece. I cannot wait to see what other wigs you create for the wholesale collection [Silk or Lace Collection]. This one was such a game changer for me. For the first time in a while I feel like myself. What a gift!

Agent Christina

For a moderately priced synthetic wig this unit isn’t bad at all. The cut is great, the color is great, and the synthetic fibers are great. My only complaint is the “silk” top is the typical piece of plastic you get from wigs on Amazon…not truly a silk top. This definitely isn’t a shake and go sort of wig. There’s lots of customizing you have to do to the hairline but that’s to be expected. All in all it’s a good value.

The front has a really weird bald spot

Dream Hair!

To say I love this hair is a major understatement. It’s a game changer! The quality is absolutely phenomenal and color is beautiful & so on trend! Did I mentioned it’s incredibly comfortable?! I can wear it all day no problem! It truly feels and looks like it’s my hair! I loved it so much, I got another (Renee) a couple days later! I can’t thank Silk or Lace enough! I feel so pretty & confident! Also, if you’re local- I highly recommend going in for a consultation! Suran, Zoey, and Lily are SO sweet & welcoming! I guarantee they will help you find your dream hair!

Hate the DARK ROOTS ! I don’t want 2 look like I need my hair colored

So happy

I purchased the Jon Reneau Blake lite for delivery to New Zealand. From purchase to having it in my hot little hands was only about 4 days. That’s amazing service for an international delivery. The wig is everything I had hoped it would be and in fantastic condition. Buying through the website meant paying half of what it would have cost me here in New Zealand and without the 3-6 month wait time. Thanks so much for you fantastic communication and superior service. I will be back for more.

Love the comfort cap!

I love the Madison comfort cap wigs. I have one and it's super comfortable! I don't use glue or even a gripper underneath the wig. The hair is really high quality too!

Package Protection

Wowza!! Love it so much!!

I have been looking for a new human hair topper for a long while and decided to go with a rediscovered piece first.
Absolutely the best quality and no regrets.
Certain to purchase again and again from Silk or Lace!!
Thank you

Package Protection
Kathleen Cao
affordable high quality!

thank you for making affordable high quality wigs available for those of us with health conditions!!! So happy to have a wig and will be getting another soon


I have purchased Lu’s Wig through Zoey who was extremely patient and helpful . When I received the wig I was blown away by how amazing and realistic it looks . The quality is absolutely phenomenal! Very very happy with my purchase !

Dream hair!

I feel so lucky being able to have scored this gorgeous piece! Everything about it is absolute perfection!

Highline Topper, "Sandy Blonde" (R1145)

Agent Cierra Lace Top Wig
Jennifer Petersen
Agent Cierra

I was so happy to get her after the restock! I had to change her part and straighten the bangs a bit (she looked waaaaay too wiggy right out of the box), but I love her color, natural density and she's soooo lightweight! After some customization, Agent Cierra is a winner!

Gorgeous gal

Agent Ashton is a little bit cooler than I anticipated but she is such a wonderful wig!! The length is absolutely giving me life and the silk top open weft cap construction is super comfortable and super breathable. 10 out of 10.

Took me a minute

I bought Agent Brooklyn as a test to see if I would like a synthetic wig. It took me a minute to figure out how to wear it. I cut the lace 4 times, finally getting it all the way back. I also cut a few inches off because the length was just too long for but that’s what’s great about it, you can make it your own! My favorite thing about it is the fact I can wash it like normal and it air drys in the same curls! No styling needed 😍😍😍