Top 3 Things To Know When Buying Your First Human Hair Wig

Are you thinking about purchasing a human hair wig but feel a little overwhelmed with the process? Don’t worry, we’ve been there before but fear not because we’ve got you covered!

We're going over how to find the right wig for you. A couple of things we know for sure are that ultimately your perfect human hair wig is going to be based on your preference overall, what wig you feel most comfortable in and what works best for your needs. 

Now, let’s get into three things you need to know when purchasing your first human hair wig!

#1: How to Know Your Head Circumference To Determine Sizing 

One of the most important things when evaluating your options is knowing your size of wig. Buying a human hair wig is similar to buying clothes - each brand can differ in sizing. The best way to determine your overall size is by measuring your circumference
how to measure your head for a human hair wig
We generally recommend giving yourself a 0.5” margin depending on your measured circumference as leeway for sizing amongst different human hair wig brands. If you measure at 22”, for example, your range would be 21.5-22.5”. 

#2: Know Your Preferred Hair Type 

Now, when we say ‘hair type’, we are essentially talking about your overall preference in the style you are looking for in a human hair wig. As we all know - hair is so diverse and there are so many factors to consider such as length, color, texture and density.
blonde silk top human hair wig, brunette lace top human hair wig

In order to make the process easier, it’s best to have an idea already in mind as to what exactly you are looking for when shopping around. 

Again, this is really about what you like best - do you prefer a shorter length or longer length of hair? Do you want a human hair wig that dries straight or dries curly? Do you want a human hair wig that is fine, thin hair or thick, voluminous hair?  

One of the best things about buying a human hair wig is that you can really have fun with it! Don’t stress too much about picking the perfect everything, think about what makes you feel the most comfortable and confident. 

Tip #3: Know What Wig Cap Construction Best Fits You and Your Needs

There are different types of cap constructions that exist for human hair wigs that have both pros and cons depending on your needs. 

You can find a breakdown of the different types of cap constructions in more detail here! 

Rule of thumb: We recommend silk top human hair wigs if you are looking to blend with your hair and/or have early stages of hair loss or alopecia. We recommend lace top human hair wigs if you are looking for a completely different hair color than your own and/or have complete hair loss or alopecia. 


silk top human hair wig, lace top human hair wig


And there you have it! As always, if you have any questions or need any help finding your perfect hair contact us and we are always more than happy to help! 


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