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A Look at Lu’s Wigs - Creating High Quality Human Hair Pieces for Hair Loss

A Look at Lu’s Wigs - Creating High Quality Human Hair Pieces for Hair Loss

Whether you have hair loss, thinning hair on top, a receding hairline, alopecia or you just want to change up the color of your hair - finding the best human hair wig can be a long and confusing process. Let's take a look at Lu’s Wigs - Creating high quality human hair pieces for hair loss.

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How To Pick The Right Hair Piece - Wigs, Hair Toppers, Pony Wigs and More!

How To Pick The Right Hair Piece - Wigs, Hair Toppers, Pony Wigs and More!

You’ve decided to purchase a hair piece - yay, congrats! But now, you find yourself overwhelmed by the options and have no idea what is best. In this blog, we’re going over different types of hair pieces you can choose from ranging from wigs to hair toppers to pony wigs and more as well as their key differences and what each is best used for. 
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Top 3 Things To Know When Buying Your First Human Hair Wig

Top 3 Things To Know When Buying Your First Human Hair Wig

Are you thinking about purchasing a human hair wig but feel a little overwhelmed with the process? Don’t worry, we’ve been there before but fear not because we’ve got you covered! We're going over how to find the right wig for you.

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4 High Quality Human Hair Wig Brands on Sale: Follea, Highline Wigs, Lusta Hair and Madison Hair Collection!

4 High Quality Human Hair Wig Brands on Sale: Follea, Highline Wigs, Lusta Hair and Madison Hair Collection!

Follea, Highline Wigs, Lusta Hair and Madison Hair Collection are common brands that we stock in our lightly worn collection. From high quality lace front human hair wigs to the best hair toppers for thinning hair, you can find anything you are looking for! 

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A New Luxury Human Hair Wig Line - The Silk or Lace Collection

A New Luxury Human Hair Wig Line - The Silk or Lace Collection

If you’re looking for invisible lace realistic wigs with the best lace front hairlines, easy to blend hair toppers and the best solution for thinning hair - you’re in the right place!

After almost a year of research and development, we launched our own wig line this past year and we couldn’t be happier! Let’s dive into the collections and learn which one is right for you. 

The Leo Collection - Human Hair Lace Front Wigs

Our Leo Collection wigs feature lightly bleached knots and an extremely natural looking plucked hairline with a realistic shape. The Leo hairlines have been a fan favorite since we launched!

lace front wigs - natural hairline wigs - best lace wigs online

Along with the natural hairlines, the Leo pieces have ear to ear lace that goes all the way down to the sideburn area, or a lace ear tab, if you will. 

If you have a shaved head, want to change your hair color completely or you’re someone who loves to do fun hairdos - this feature was made for you! 

The Leo wigs are made with Indian hair that dries slightly wavy and has a very fine and super soft texture (usually feels a little more fluffy compared to Brazilian hair). 

Shop all Leo Collection wigs here!


The Virgo Collection - Human Hair Lace Front Wigs

The Virgo Collection wigs feature 100% single tied knots throughout the entire lace area giving an ultra natural looking hairline - a truly luxurious feature! A single tied knot not only means that the hair looks natural, but the movability is endless. 

lace front wigs - best lace wigs online - best human hair wigs - blonde lace wigs - wig lace

In comparison to the Leo Collection wigs, the Virgo wigs still feature ear to ear lace, however it ends at the top of the ear area and there are structured ear tabs. 

Made with Brazilian hair, the Virgo wigs are sleek, soft and have a super flat lay that you’ll dream about. 

Shop all Virgo Collection wigs here!


The Capricorn Collection - Human Hair Silk Toppers

The Capricorn silk hair toppers feature hybrid wefting that has the strength of wefts but the lightness of a hand-tied back. If you want to blend your natural hair in with your hairpiece, a silk topper is the way to go! 

silk hair toppers - hairpieces for thinning hair - best hairpieces for thin hair

With the attention to detail at the seam for a natural looking blend, the ultra thin silk top will lay flat against your head. 


The Pieces Collection - Human Hair Mono Toppers

The Pieces Collection feature an entirely hand-tied monofilament top that enables multi-directional parting and a natural feel. 

If you’re someone who loves volume in your hair, or your hair just needs a little extra boost at the crown, the Pieces mono tops are perfect for you. 

mono hair toppers - best hairpieces for thinning hair - best hairpieces for hair loss

In comparison to the Capricorn Silk Toppers which have the average topper sizing, like an 8x8, the Pisces mono toppers have smaller base sizes like a 3x5 or a 5x6. 

If you’re worried about wearing hairpieces, a mono topper is a great place to start! Not too much, not too little, just the right amount of coverage with a lightweight easy to wear construction! 

Shop all Pieces Collection here!

It was important to us to create a line of hairpieces that feel light weight and easy to wear, so each line features an ultra low density hair texture that’s perfect for everyone! 

Overall we couldn’t be more excited to expand our Silk or Lace Collection and continue to create hairpieces that not only we love, but our community does too! 


Keep up with us on socials:

Instagram - @silkorlace

Facebook - @silkorlace

Pinterest - @silkorlace

Tik Tok - @silkorlace

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How To Care For Your Synthetic Wig - Our Agenteur Collection

How To Care For Your Synthetic Wig - Our Agenteur Collection

Did you just purchase one of our Agenteur Agents and have no idea how to care for your synthetic wig? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We have some tips and recommended products to use that will provide all of the TLC (tender love and care) your wig needs to extend the life of your wig and make sure the integrity of your wig stays intact. 

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Inspiring Women Daily In A Digital World - An Interview With Health & Beauty Influencer Lacie Rodriguez

Inspiring Women Daily In A Digital World - An Interview With Health & Beauty Influencer Lacie Rodriguez

After hearing her doctor say there was no cure for her genetic hair loss, Lacie Rodriguez decided to “shift [her] focus and money from trying to regrow [her] hair to finding really beautiful alternative hair”. 

Through the journey of falling in love with hairpieces and regaining her confidence, she also found beauty in sharing that new gained confidence on her Instagram page. Gaining over 35K followers, Lacie has built a community of women who she inspires daily. 

Interview conducted via email April 6, 2022. 

silk or lace - human hair wigs - best wigs for hair loss - hair thinning solutions - alopecia awareness


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hi! I’m Lacie Rodriguez! I’m from a tiny town in rural Utah and married to a cowboy from Mexico. We have three beautiful kids and speak both English and Spanish in our home.

I love talking to women about beauty and confidence, especially when it comes to hair loss.

I help women find the right alternative hair piece to help them with their confidence after losing hair and there’s nothing I’ve ever done that is more fulfilling professionally!


When were you diagnosed with androgenic alopecia? What was that like?

I was 19 when I had my first major shed. I was in college and it was one of the darkest times in my life.

I felt totally alone and doctors dismissed my hair loss every single time I brought it up saying it was “just stress.” Trying to go to school and work everyday and have a social life while dealing with a crippling lack of self confidence was almost too much for me to take. I don’t know for sure, but I think I can pinpoint this time in my life as the trigger that started my androgenic alopecia.

I wasn’t officially diagnosed until after having my first child when the doctor said, “It’s just female pattern baldness. It’s not coming back.” I was devastated. I felt like I was the only woman I knew of that was struggling with this. I felt incredibly powerless to stop it or fix it. I couldn’t believe it when he told me there was no cure. I thought “of all the scientific breakthroughs we’ve had in the last 100 years, there’s really still no cure for hair loss?!” It was a dark time for me emotionally and my self esteem was at an all time low.


How did you find wigs & hair toppers?

Every once in a while I’d get a wild hair and research my brains out on the internet for hair loss solutions. My stylist was trying to convince me to get tape in extensions but I kept explaining that it wasn’t going to give me the coverage where I needed it.

At one point I came across an integration system that looked promising but it was extremely expensive and I would have to travel 5 hours to a swanky salon in Las Vegas. It didn’t seem realistic. Then I came across a YouTube video about a “hair extension topper” and I was like, “WAIT! That’s what I need!” So I jumped on it and ordered it, with no idea how it was going to turn out!

After some customizing and lots of practice styling it, blending it, etc, I knew this was going to be my forever solution!


Top piece of advice for people first entering their hair loss journey?

You’re not a freak of nature! That’s how I felt. I had no idea that more than half of women will experience significant hair loss in their lifetime.

It’s a process and you can’t rush it or shame yourself for feeling any which way. You just have to hold onto the hope that one day, you’ll come out of this fog and embrace the fact that there are options to dealing with this. You can still be beautiful and feminine and live a full life with alopecia.

My hair is literally one of the last things on my mind these days and I NEVER thought that could be a possibility.

silk or lace - human hair wigs - best wigs for hair loss - hair thinning solutions - alopecia awareness


What do your children think about your hair loss and wearing hair pieces? Did you have a conversation with them about it and how did that go?

When I got my first piece my first two kids were 3 and 6. I wore it for them and they laughed a little because it seemed a little like a costume. But I laughed with them and then they saw me putting it on everyday and it’s just normal to them now.

They’re 11 and 8 now and my baby is 2 and they’re always offering their opinion on new pieces. I’m confident that if either of my girls lose hair in the future, they’ll already have an idea of how to deal with it. That makes me super happy!

I’ve had a hard time with my hair loss for sure but I try to keep it in perspective for their sake. I don’t want to give them the impression that your life is over if your hair falls out. Secretly I’m super jealous of my girls’ hair lol! I tell them it’s beautiful but I never obsess over it and try not to make them feel like their hair is their identity. That’s really important to me.


When did you start posting about your hair loss online? How has the response been?

When I got my first topper I was already posting online about beauty and things. I knew toppers could be a game changer for some people but I thought it wouldn’t be that many. I figured I could talk about it and hopefully it could help someone. I was blown away by how many people started sending me messages and asking about it.

Over the years my hair loss has progressed and I’ve morphed my platform into a hair loss and alternative hair niche. Now this is what I focus on primarily and the growth has been tremendous because there are so many more women out there struggling with this than I ever thought possible!

I’m committed to ending the stigmas of both female hair loss and wearing alternative hair and hoping to bring many new people into this community. I think it can be very healing to find people going through similar experiences. 

silk or lace - human hair wigs - best wigs for hair loss - hair thinning solutions - alopecia awareness


What’s the last TV show you’ve binged?

Oh gosh! I’m not much of a TV person (I prefer movies) but I really loved New Girl when it first came out and I watched it while nursing my second baby! I’ve missed all the new seasons lol


How is it living in a super small town with no traffic lights? Do you ever crave the “big city” life? 

I actually LOVE living in a small town. It can be frustrating to be this far from amenities and resources but the city can give me anxiety after a bit.

I love to visit and eat at a nice restaurant, shop, etc but I’m always ready to come home to the calm. No traffic lights means very little traffic and that’s how I prefer it. 


Current hair trend you love?

I’m obsessed with curtain bangs! Almost every single piece I own has them lol! I think they’re flattering on literally everyone if you get the right length and they keep your hair out of your face.


If you could only have one dessert for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Coconut ice cream. Hands down. It’s my favorite in Mexico!



Follow Lacie on socials:

Tik Tok: @lacie.rodriguez

Instagram: @lacie.rodriguez


Keep up with Silk or Lace on socials:

Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook & Pinterest: @silkorlace

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Which Lusta Wig or Hair Topper Is Right For Me?

Which Lusta Wig or Hair Topper Is Right For Me?

We get a variety of Lusta Hair wigs and toppers in our Resell Silk or Lace section, so we’re here to break down which wig cap construction would work best for you! 

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I Googled…Wiglet for Women | (These were the questions that popped up) Four most common questions and answers

I Googled…"Wiglet for Women" and These Were the Questions that Popped Up

The search for selecting the right wig or hairpiece can be a bit daunting. There are so many different names and styles for pieces that it can be difficult to really know what is the best piece for you and your needs. I decided to search keywords on Google to see what were the most common questions asked when thinking about a wiglet.
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How do I make my wig last longer? | The Best Human Hair Wig Guide - Wig 101

How do I make my wig last longer? | The Best Human Hair Wig Guide - Wig 101

Whether you're new to the world of human hair wigs and human hair toppers, or a seasoned pro - getting a new hairpiece can be nerve racking.

Here are all the tips you need to set up your new human hairpiece for success! 


How To Maintain Your Wig or Topper

High quality wigs need just as much love and attention as your natural hair. In order to increase the wear time and life span of your real hair wig or hair topper, it's important that you take great care of it!

Learn how to wash and dry, store, all the best products to use and some common troubleshooting for your new human hairpiece in this informative blog!

why wont my wig fit? how to put on a wig? how to blend a hair topper? how to make my wig not look bumpy?  

How to wear your natural hair under a human hair wig

We don't want you to end up looking like a cone head when you put your wig on.

Finding the best method that works for your when securing your hair under your wig will be a game changer!

Whether you have a lace front wig, a silk top wig or ever a mix of both - these methods will leave your wig application looking as natural as can be. 
how do i put on a wig? how do you put on a wig cap? how do i make my wig fit? how do i make my wig not look bumpy?


How to put on a hair topper for thinning hair

Human hair toppers for women are a great tool to add more volume and density to your hair.

However, it can be kind of tricky to get the blending just right with your natural hair and the hair topper.

So, we're here to break it down for you and help you blend that topper hair piece like a pro.


best hairpiece for thinning hair - human hair toppers for women - real hair toppers - best hair toppers for women - topper hair piece



How to wash a human hair hairpiece

Just like our natural hair, our human hairpieces need a good wash every once in a while!

Even the highest quality wigs will only last so long if they are not properly taken care of. 

In this video we share all the tips on how to wash your piece without causing damage, and increasing the longevity of the hairpiece! 

how do i wash a wig - do i need to wash my wig - what shampoo and conditioner is best for my wig - will i damage my wig if i wash it


3 ways to curls a human hair hairpiece

Whether you want curls that are big and bouncy or some subtle beach waves, every style is attainable with a curling iron and a little practice!

In this tutorial, professional hair stylist, Dorin Azerad, shows you three ways to curl a human hair wig!

As long as your hairpiece is human hair, these methods will work like a charm. 

how to curl a wig - best hair curling technique - how to get beach curls - how to get big bouncy curls - best way to curl hair


How to do the curly girl method on a human hair wig

If you have a hairpiece that is natural wavy or curly, it is so important to wash and style using the right methods!

The curly girl method ensures that your hairpiece will get the proper pamper and style it needs to become a frizz free, luscious, curly dream!

Watch this virgin curly human hair wig transform with a natural curly hair routine.

how to do the curly girl method - natural curly hair routine - how to wash a curly hair wig - how i was my curly hair

Now that you have all the tips needed to rock your new hairpiece, what are you waiting for - show the world the new you, with a new do!

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Human hair wig tips - human hair topper tips

Why Won't My Wig Fit Me? - Common Wig Questions We Get Asked

What do you need to know when you're new to wigs and toppers? We’ve got the answers, from how to know if your wig fits correctly to achieving a natural-looking hairline and parting with a topper.
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Dallas Wigs – The Hair Mama Consultation Visit

Dallas Wigs – The Hair Mama Consultation Visit

Finding the right wig for you can be a hard journey. Especially if you are new to wigs, can only buy stock pieces online or you’re just not sure where to even start.

Did you know you can book an in person consultation with a wig stylist to try on pieces, or even an online one to get some questions answered and the guidance you need!

The Silk or Lace team went to The Hair Mama’s brand new studio in Colleyville, Texas to show you what an in person consultation is like.

Morgan was diagnosed with Alopecia universalis in high school, and has embraced being bald but also worn wigs ever since.

After finding The Hair Mamas’s page online she fell in love with the company and the founder, Tahnee’s, energy and positivity. It has been a dream of hers to meet Tahnee and try on some of The Hair Mama’s wigs.

Upon entering the studio Morgan was able to have a special moment to meet Tahnee and her team. They discussed what kind of wig style Morgan enjoys including, hair color, length, density and cap construction.

After discussing the details, the Hair Mama team went to work pulling pieces from their inventory that fit Morgan’s description and they knew she would love.

Something unique about The Hair Mama’s services, is that they can customize anything a client wants on their wig. The clips can be removed, they can add a silicone nape, ear tabs, a new top, etc.

It is important to the Hair Mama that they can make their pieces specific to the customer to provide the best wig for them! 

The first piece tried on was Valentina, a silk illusion wig.

Silk illusion is a special name The Hair Mama came up with to describe a piece that has a single layer of lace with a silk over lining that shows through like a silk top.

This combination creates the perfect in between, giving the realistic scalp look that a silk top gives and the sleek hairline that a lace top/front gives.

Morgan had only ever tried one kind of wig before – a lace top. When trying on the silk illusion she was shocked. 

“Oh my gosh, it feels so good on my head. I’m speechless”

The second piece she tried on was the Penelope Silk Illusion Gripper Wig.

The gripper wig has a silicone lining inside that is made to help grip on to bare skin, or thinning hair. Since Morgan has no hair, this was quite a new experience for her having only worn lace before.

“I love it. It feels cooling on my head”

While wearing The Hair Mama’s new wig grip, the wig bestie, and wearing a gripper wig, Morgan was able to hair flip her way around the studio with no movement from her wig at all!

The final wig Morgan tried on was the Samira Wig, a lace top piece.

Again, Morgan was speechless. All she could do was drop her jaw at the gorgeous hairline, the movability of the hair and the rich chocolate brown color.

It can be distracting looking at all the beautiful colors of the wigs in a studio, but finding the right cap construction for you is the key.

If you find a wig that fits you perfectly and is comfortable, the confidence will shine through!

On the subject, the founder Tahnee said,

“I tell people during consultations…not to get hung up on the blondes…that’s the easy part. Finding the cap is the hardest part”

After trying on three pieces, Morgan decided to not try on anymore because her decision was made.

“I like the first one the best [Valentina]. Oh my gosh, yes. She’s the one!”

After choosing her piece, the team cut the lace for her and let her try on her final product. It was a moment full of raw emotion and utter gratitude. Morgan shed tears and said,

“I love it so much, I did not expect this at all. It’s seriously so beautiful. It feels more like me than the ones that I’ve been buying for the past two years”

Everyone deserves that moment. The moment you find your piece. The piece that makes you feel on the outside like the person you are on the inside.

With a consultation, either in person or online, you can get the guidance you need to make that moment happen! 


You can watch the full studio tour and consultation here: Dallas Wigs | The Hair Mama Consultation


You can book an in-person or online consultation with The Hair Mama here: Book A Consult

Shop Hair Mama pieces here: The Hair Mama


Keep up with us:

Instagram: @silkorlace

Facebook: Silk or Lace

PInterest: Silk or Lace

Youtube: Silk or Lace

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