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A New Luxury Human Hair Wig Line - The Silk or Lace Collection

A New Luxury Human Hair Wig Line - The Silk or Lace Collection

If you’re looking for invisible lace realistic wigs with the best lace front hairlines, easy to blend hair toppers and the best solution for thinning hair - you’re in the right place!

After almost a year of research and development, we launched our own wig line this past year and we couldn’t be happier! Let’s dive into the collections and learn which one is right for you. 

The Leo Collection - Human Hair Lace Front Wigs

Our Leo Collection wigs feature lightly bleached knots and an extremely natural looking plucked hairline with a realistic shape. The Leo hairlines have been a fan favorite since we launched!

lace front wigs - natural hairline wigs - best lace wigs online

Along with the natural hairlines, the Leo pieces have ear to ear lace that goes all the way down to the sideburn area, or a lace ear tab, if you will. 

If you have a shaved head, want to change your hair color completely or you’re someone who loves to do fun hairdos - this feature was made for you! 

The Leo wigs are made with Indian hair that dries slightly wavy and has a very fine and super soft texture (usually feels a little more fluffy compared to Brazilian hair). 

Shop all Leo Collection wigs here!


The Virgo Collection - Human Hair Lace Front Wigs

The Virgo Collection wigs feature 100% single tied knots throughout the entire lace area giving an ultra natural looking hairline - a truly luxurious feature! A single tied knot not only means that the hair looks natural, but the movability is endless. 

lace front wigs - best lace wigs online - best human hair wigs - blonde lace wigs - wig lace

In comparison to the Leo Collection wigs, the Virgo wigs still feature ear to ear lace, however it ends at the top of the ear area and there are structured ear tabs. 

Made with Brazilian hair, the Virgo wigs are sleek, soft and have a super flat lay that you’ll dream about. 

Shop all Virgo Collection wigs here!


The Capricorn Collection - Human Hair Silk Toppers

The Capricorn silk hair toppers feature hybrid wefting that has the strength of wefts but the lightness of a hand-tied back. If you want to blend your natural hair in with your hairpiece, a silk topper is the way to go! 

silk hair toppers - hairpieces for thinning hair - best hairpieces for thin hair

With the attention to detail at the seam for a natural looking blend, the ultra thin silk top will lay flat against your head. 


The Pieces Collection - Human Hair Mono Toppers

The Pieces Collection feature an entirely hand-tied monofilament top that enables multi-directional parting and a natural feel. 

If you’re someone who loves volume in your hair, or your hair just needs a little extra boost at the crown, the Pieces mono tops are perfect for you. 

mono hair toppers - best hairpieces for thinning hair - best hairpieces for hair loss

In comparison to the Capricorn Silk Toppers which have the average topper sizing, like an 8x8, the Pisces mono toppers have smaller base sizes like a 3x5 or a 5x6. 

If you’re worried about wearing hairpieces, a mono topper is a great place to start! Not too much, not too little, just the right amount of coverage with a lightweight easy to wear construction! 

Shop all Pieces Collection here!

It was important to us to create a line of hairpieces that feel light weight and easy to wear, so each line features an ultra low density hair texture that’s perfect for everyone! 

Overall we couldn’t be more excited to expand our Silk or Lace Collection and continue to create hairpieces that not only we love, but our community does too! 


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These units look amazing. I’ve always admired the Jewish wig quality.
Is there a way to wear them bonded on or should they be removed daily?

Please list and pictures of wigs

Send me a catalog of what u have please

Awesome 👍

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