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Coming Out on Top(per): All about Toppers and how to Rock Them, written by @beckiiwitthegoodhair

Coming Out on Top(per): All about Toppers and how to Rock Them, written by @beckiiwitthegoodhair

The year is 2018.

I am in my bedroom researching solutions for thin hair.

I am overwhelmed with the results: vitamins, oils, hair transplants, Rogaine. Not only do I face sadness and anxiety regarding my thinning hair, but I also have the insurmountable task of figuring out how to best handle it.

I go on this way for a while, not understanding that there won’t be some miracle cure to what seems like the biggest issue in my life. 

woman wearing hair topper - @beckiiwitthegoodhair - human hair wigs - hair toppers - toppers for thin hair - alopecia

Then one night, after feeling like I exhausted my google searches, I decided to see what social media has to say about solutions for thin hair.

I typed the words “thin hair” into my Instagram search bar.

I am shocked to learn that dozens of people are discussing this issue that I assumed I alone was facing. Not only are they discussing it, but tackling it with something called “hair toppers.” I sat back in awe as I watched women of all ages transform their thinning locks into full heads of hair with realistic wigs.

Some women wore full wigs that covered up the entirety of their naturally growing hair. Others donned something more like a “hair piece,” using some of their natural hair to blend the hair piece and create a seamless look. 

The hair loss community has come a long way in a short amount of time. Despite more and more women diving into toppers and wigs, many people know little about the amazing world of alternative hair.

Toppers are an integral part of that world.

I always describe toppers as “mini-wigs.” It is a hair piece that covers a portion of your head, whether that portion big or small. Some toppers solely cover the “part” area of the head where others can span over the entire head. 

Here are some quick topper facts: 

hair topper with bangs - woman wearing hair topper - @beckiiwitthegoodhair - human hair wigs - hair toppers - toppers for thin hair - alopecia
  • A topper is very similar to a wig; however, they are not one in the same. Wigs cover your entire head. You can have a full head of hair or a bald head and achieve the same look in a wig (as it does not use any natural hair). In a wig, your hair or head is covered by the wig cap and not visible. Toppers, on the other hand, look best when they incorporate your natural hair. Incorporating natural hair into a topper’s hair is commonly referred to as blending. 
  • Toppers typically attach to the head with clips and combs which are fastened into natural hair. Some topper brands use headbands and other attachments designed to be more comfortable and cause less interference with natural hair. The part of the topper that sits directly on the head is referred to as the cap or base

Here are my two “go-to” toppers. One has a front comb for extra security and the other does not. Many people like the front comb and many people remove it. Some replace the front comb with more pressure-sensitive clips.

These are both by an amazing company called “Highline Wigs,” based in New York. Human hair and large cap sizes. 

  • Since a topper’s coverage is less than that of a wig, they are typically smaller in size, weighing less, consisting of less hair, and you guessed it, costing less, too. Though you should still expect  to drop $500.00 to $1,500 on a quality human hair topper. 
  • Just like wigs, toppers can vary in quality, type of hair (human or synthetic), price, length, color, etc. 
  • Toppers are an exciting solution for individuals in the beginning to middle stages of hair loss. As hair loss progresses, some people transition to wigs due to a lack of natural hair for blending. Others prefer wigs over toppers simply to avoid blending altogether. It is all up to the hair wearer’s discretion and his or her comfort. 
  • Some people may be interested in topper for benefits unrelated to hair loss. Unlike natural hair, a topper’s roots will not grow out. A topper is an awesome solution for someone hoping to skip the salon or is worried about color-treating their natural hair. Pending the size and quality of the hair, you may also choose to wear a topper to save time getting ready,, as they usually hold their style for a few days and mask the potentially questionable state of the natural hair underneath. 

Here is a video of me on how I blend my natural hair with my hair topper that's styled into a sassy bangs lob. 

So, how can you rock a topper? Do your research and be brave!

Changing up your look can be daunting, but it could also be so worth it to achieve new styles and more confidence. Make sure you ask alternative hair wearers about pros and cons of pieces, and do business with people that make you feel good about your purchase.

There are tons of resources available to alternative hair wearers and “wanna-be” alternative hair wearers thanks to the internet. No matter your budget, hair color, or enneagram type, there is an alternative hair piece, or even topper, out there for you.

How do you hide the front of your hair topper?

Blending your hair with the topper hair honestly takes practice, be patient with yourself! There are a few ways we suggest to put on your topper and make your hair look like a natural topper. Here's a video on how to put on your hair topper and tips on blending!


So what are you waiting for? 

Shop all Hair Toppers

Questions? Follow @beckiiwitthegoodhair on Instagram!


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I can so relate to the research with the oils and potions and shampoos! I tried all that before finding out about hair toppers! I’m so glad I did! ❤️ Great article!!

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