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Can I Get My Wig Wet? Yes, Jump In!

Can I Get My Wig Wet? Yes, Jump In!

Spring is in full swing and summer weather is fast approaching. It’s time to pull out all of the best wig tips for hot weather, pool days and staying cool for the summer! 

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A sunny summer day spent by the pool sounds like a dream, but for someone who wears hair pieces it can quickly turn into a nightmare. Your mind starts racing with never ending thoughts like:

“Can I get in the water with my wig on?”

“Will the lace on my wig get ruined if I get it wet? 

“What hairpieces are best to wear by the pool?”

“Maybe I just won’t wear a wig, but what will people think…”

Woah woah woah…before you start spiraling in your nervous thoughts, let’s break down the best tips for swimming in your human hair wig. 


If you’ve invested in high-quality human hair wig or hair topper, swimming in chlorine or saltwater can impact the integrity of the piece. Swimming one time in your wig will likely not damage your piece (especially if you do not submerge your head). However, swimming regularly will. 

Don’t panic just yet! Your wig or hair topper won’t fall apart if you’ve already splashed around in a little bit of chlorinated water. But before choosing to wear your expensive human hair pieces to the pool or beach, there are some factors you should consider.

Wig hair care for swimming


  • Chlorine or salt water is very drying; it can strip the hydration from the hair on your piece. Before swimming you should apply some hydrating leave-in conditioner to your wig. This will act as a barrier, so your piece doesn’t retain as much of the stripping agents as it would without. 
  • Along with leave in conditioner, putting a UV protective primer on the hair will help protect the hair from breakage, discoloration, dry or brittle strands, split ends, thinning or fizziness. We recommend the Bumble and bumble hairdresser's invisible oil 
  • When applying the piece, make sure to use waterproof wig glue or tape for extra support. Regular adhesives will melt off in the water and cause your wig to shift. 


  • Wearing your hair in a low pony or braids while in the water will help to not tangle the hair as much as possible. This will help with the after-care. 


  • After you’re done with your pool day, you should give your hairpiece a proper pamper. We recommend doing a hydrating hair mask, washing the hair preferably before the saltwater or chlorine dries fully into the hair and then applying leave in conditioner.

Buy a second hand wig or hair topper 

Consider wearing an older human hair wig or hair topper to swim in, or investing in an affordable hairpiece. If you have a piece that you wear every day, I strongly recommend against swimming in it. You don’t want to risk damaging your only hairpiece.

Getting a lightly worn human hair wig on sale from a place like, Resell Silk or Lace, is a great option. You get a practically brand new piece for a fraction of the cost!


All in all, wearing wigs in the water is possible!

You just need to make sure you take precautions, pamper your piece after, bring your confidence with you and most of all have fun. No more asking can I swim in my wig, just jump in!


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