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Highline Wigs, Wigs by Tiffani and Lusta Hair - 3 High Quality Human Hair Wig Brands On Sale!

Highline Wigs, Wigs by Tiffani and Lusta Hair - 3 High Quality Human Hair Wig Brands On Sale!

Highline Wigs, Wigs by Tiffani and Lusta Hair are just a few of our most regularly stocked brands in our Resell Lightly Worn Section

These high quality human hair brands carry an amazing selection of hair pieces from silk top toppers to lace front human hair wigs and so much more. The best part is that you can find and score some really great lightly worn wigs and hair toppers from your favorite brands at discounted prices through our resell market! 

Highline Wigs

Highline Wigs carries a variety of hair pieces including silk top wigs, lace top human hair wigs, mini toppers and pony toppers. The most common hair pieces we stock in our lightly worn section are their silk top toppers.

highline silk top topper

Created with beautiful craftsmanship, Highline Wigs has a vast selection - ranging in base sizes from 5x6 up to 12x12 and hair types such as Brazilian hair and European hair. 

human hair silk top toppers Highline

Wigs by Tiffani

Wigs by Tiffani, similar to Highline Wigs, also carries a variety of selection for human hair wigs and toppers along with hair care products. The most popular hair pieces we add to our resell inventory are their human hair lace top wigs

wigs by tiffani lace top wig

Wigs by Tiffani has an array of customized hair colors ranging from beautiful natural hair colors such as a darkest brown to bold, rich colors such as a red copper. 

wigs by tiffani lace top topper

Lusta Hair

As the other two hair brands we've discussed, Lusta Hair, carries many different types of hair pieces. The most prevalent human hair pieces we carry in our lightly worn section are their Lusta essentials wigs. Both their silk top wigs and their silk top, lace front essentials wigs!  

Lusta hair human hair silk top lace front wig

Lusta is known for their secure-fitting cap constructions on their wigs that can include velvet and silicone lining for extra comfort! Along with a vast range in styles, lengths and colors. 

lusta hair silk top wigs

If you've been searching for your perfect hair piece, look no further as the options are endless in our Resell: Silk or Lace Section! You can shop across brands and compare cap constructions, hair styles and colors to find the best human hair wig or hair topper specifically for you at a discounted price!

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