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Changing The Wig Game One Tik Tok At A Time - An Interview With Hair Influencer Danielle Sells

Changing The Wig Game One Tik Tok At A Time - An Interview With Hair Influencer Danielle Sells

Danielle Sells’ alopecia started to really show and her hair started to “boycott my head” as she said, when she hit her 30s. After some much needed time accept her new reality and to lean on her support system, she purchased her first human hair wig and she said, “in less than a minute, everything changed”.  

Now she makes Instagram and Tik Tok posts dedicated to helping other women with hair loss take charge of their hair journey and feel confident every day! We asked Danielle about her journey with alopecia and how it led to her life online. 

Interview conducted via email February 28, 2022. 

silk or lace - high quality synthetic wigs - women with hair loss - my journey with alopecia - alopecia awareness

Danielle wearing Agent Miko.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

"Hi! I am Danielle, better known as “Mommy” in my house. I have three beautiful children ranging from 1 to 7 years old, and an incredibly supportive husband. I love spending time with my family, photography, and buying all the wigs!"  


How did you find wigs?

"When my hair loss reached a point it was affecting my daily life, I joined an online hair loss support group. 

In doing so I realized many women suffering from hair loss had turned to wigs and looked fantastic! 

After confiding in my sister, husband, and a friend, they encouraged me to purchase my first wig."


That first experience shaving your head, what was that like? How did you feel?

"I went in pretty confident. I was sick of braiding my hair everyday to put on my wigs and I knew shaving off what remained of my hair would be so much easier on a day-to-day basis. My hair loss had reached the point that I wouldn’t leave my house without a hat or a wig, so shaving it off just made the most sense.

Because of the confidence I had in my decision, I was truly caught off-guard by how emotional it ended up making me. The hairdresser encouraged me to try a cute pixie cut, but after she did it, there was still a large bald spot she just couldn’t cover. After we went ahead and buzzed off what remained of my hair, I cried in the car on the way home. My kids needed a couple of days to adjust, but my husband was super supportive. 

He kept reminding me that it was just hair, and that at the end of the day this choice made it easier to wear the new hair I loved."


How did you first start making Tik Tok content? 

"I originally had just a fun family Tik Tok, which mostly consisted of my daughter turning herself into a unicorn or making funny faces while listening to music. In October, a friend started a BookTok account, because she adores reading.

Watching her connect with other readers inspired me to make a wig and hair loss themed Tik Tok so I could connect with other women in my shoes. I really wanted to help women suffering from hair loss, for whatever reason, feel confident and comfortable in their wig journey and create a supportive community."


silk or lace - high quality synthetic wigs - women with hair loss - my journey with alopecia - alopecia awareness
Danielle wearing Agent Imani.

Hair color trend you're so into right now? 

"I am currently obsessed with the copper brown color trend and curtain bangs. I really just love bangs. I hated them with human hair because they were so high maintenance but on wigs? They are the best."


Craziest wig story?

"Before I told anyone I wore wigs I had a dentist appointment go awry. The dental assistant was incredibly sweet and complimented my hair early on in the visit. I had worn my head band wig in a really cute style that I’d secured with bobby pins.

When she took me back for x-rays and asked me to remove my nose ring, glasses, and bobby pins. I started to get nervous because the wig I was wearing had a metal comb and clips. I asked if small hair clips needed to come off, and she shook her head yes.

I ended up just pulling off my wig without warning, and her face turned bright red. I said “Sorry, I should have mentioned it was a wig” We both burst into laughter!"


How do you talk to your little ones about wearing wigs? 

"My daughter, 7 (6 at the time), was the only one that really grasped what was going on. I explained to her that mommy’s hair doesn’t grow like most peoples’ so I get a little help with wigs. My middle son (3 at the time) just says “Mommy I love your new haircut” every time I switch wigs."

silk or lace - high quality synthetic wigs - women with hair loss - my journey with alopecia - alopecia awareness

Your top piece of mom advice?

"Appreciate the bad days. 

Every time one of my children throws up in the car, throws a tantrum, or gives us a sleepless night - I try to remember that soon I will long these days. They are only little for such a short time and it goes so stinking fast."


Last meal would be...

"Oooh. This is difficult. Probably some kind of pasta, and BREAD, and Cheesecake. Maybe some ice cream."


Favorite Agenteur wig?

"I really love Piper! She is the perfect blonde for my skin tone. I also really like Aspen because of her cut and style.  My husband’s favorite is Brooklyn."


Follow Danielle on socials:

Tik Tok: @wighairdontcare

Instagram: @wighair_dontcare


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I have tricatrillamania began pulling my hair out when I was13 I didn’t finish high school because I wouldn’t go bc of my situation I had bald spots on my head. My mom was a beautician and never once mentioned wigs to me. I’m now 59 and still pull my hair it gets worse when I’m stressed. My husband is very supportive he always compliments on my wigs and never hesitates to buy what I need. It’s very nice to see this would love to get any advice from you ladies.

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