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Dallas Wigs – The Hair Mama Consultation Visit

Dallas Wigs – The Hair Mama Consultation Visit

Finding the right wig for you can be a hard journey. Especially if you are new to wigs, can only buy stock pieces online or you’re just not sure where to even start.

Did you know you can book an in person consultation with a wig stylist to try on pieces, or even an online one to get some questions answered and the guidance you need!

The Silk or Lace team went to The Hair Mama’s brand new studio in Colleyville, Texas to show you what an in person consultation is like.

silk or lace - the hair mama - human hair wigs - hair toppers - dallas wigs

Morgan was diagnosed with Alopecia universalis in high school, and has embraced being bald but also worn wigs ever since.

After finding The Hair Mamas’s page online she fell in love with the company and the founder, Tahnee’s, energy and positivity. It has been a dream of hers to meet Tahnee and try on some of The Hair Mama’s wigs.

Upon entering the studio Morgan was able to have a special moment to meet Tahnee and her team. They discussed what kind of wig style Morgan enjoys including, hair color, length, density and cap construction.

After discussing the details, the Hair Mama team went to work pulling pieces from their inventory that fit Morgan’s description and they knew she would love.

Something unique about The Hair Mama’s services, is that they can customize anything a client wants on their wig. The clips can be removed, they can add a silicone nape, ear tabs, a new top, etc.

It is important to the Hair Mama that they can make their pieces specific to the customer to provide the best wig for them! 

The first piece tried on was Valentina, a silk illusion wig.

silk or lace - the hair mama - human hair wigs - hair toppers - dallas wigs

Silk illusion is a special name The Hair Mama came up with to describe a piece that has a single layer of lace with a silk over lining that shows through like a silk top.

This combination creates the perfect in between, giving the realistic scalp look that a silk top gives and the sleek hairline that a lace top/front gives.

Morgan had only ever tried one kind of wig before – a lace top. When trying on the silk illusion she was shocked. 

“Oh my gosh, it feels so good on my head. I’m speechless”

The second piece she tried on was the Penelope Silk Illusion Gripper Wig.

silk or lace - the hair mama - human hair wigs - hair toppers - dallas wigs

The gripper wig has a silicone lining inside that is made to help grip on to bare skin, or thinning hair. Since Morgan has no hair, this was quite a new experience for her having only worn lace before.

“I love it. It feels cooling on my head”

While wearing The Hair Mama’s new wig grip, the wig bestie, and wearing a gripper wig, Morgan was able to hair flip her way around the studio with no movement from her wig at all!

The final wig Morgan tried on was the Samira Wig, a lace top piece.

silk or lace - the hair mama - human hair wigs - hair toppers - dallas wigs

Again, Morgan was speechless. All she could do was drop her jaw at the gorgeous hairline, the movability of the hair and the rich chocolate brown color.

It can be distracting looking at all the beautiful colors of the wigs in a studio, but finding the right cap construction for you is the key.

If you find a wig that fits you perfectly and is comfortable, the confidence will shine through!

On the subject, the founder Tahnee said,

“I tell people during consultations…not to get hung up on the blondes…that’s the easy part. Finding the cap is the hardest part”

After trying on three pieces, Morgan decided to not try on anymore because her decision was made.

“I like the first one the best [Valentina]. Oh my gosh, yes. She’s the one!”

After choosing her piece, the team cut the lace for her and let her try on her final product. It was a moment full of raw emotion and utter gratitude. Morgan shed tears and said,

“I love it so much, I did not expect this at all. It’s seriously so beautiful. It feels more like me than the ones that I’ve been buying for the past two years”

Everyone deserves that moment. The moment you find your piece. The piece that makes you feel on the outside like the person you are on the inside.

With a consultation, either in person or online, you can get the guidance you need to make that moment happen! 


You can watch the full studio tour and consultation here: Dallas Wigs | The Hair Mama Consultation


You can book an in-person or online consultation with The Hair Mama here: Book A Consult

Shop Hair Mama pieces here: The Hair Mama


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