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Should I Get A Topper Or A Wig? Both! [ Topper/Wig Hybrids Breakdown ]

Should I Get A Topper Or A Wig? Both! [ Topper/Wig Hybrids Breakdown ]

So we’ve all heard of a human hair wig, and you’ve most likely heard of a human hair topper if you’re in the wig world.

What about the hybrid versions of them? 

Yeah you heard me right, the hybrid versions. The full coverage of a wig and the simplicity of a topper have been merged together! Currently there are a few hybrid constructions by a few brands including Hair Mama (the hybrid is called a Twig) and Milano (the hybrid is called a Divine)!

A hybrid of a wig and topper as stated before provide coverage similar to that of a wig but has the simplicity of a topper. Your standard size topper caps out (pun intended) at a 9x9 size. However some people want more coverage, but don’t feel comfortable wearing a full wig. That’s where the hybrids come in! 

Before we jump into the full hybrids, let’s discuss the whopper - no not the chocolate malt ball candy, an extra large topper cap. 

What is a Whopper? 

The term whopper is a hybrid of the terms wig and topper, however the construction is a bit different than just merging the two. 

A whopper has a 10x10 cap, making it a bit bigger than your average topper. This construction allows the cap to have a little bit of a curve so it hugs the back of your head.

That curve gives the extra coverage, whereas a normal topper would just cover the crown area of the head. A whopper can only be worn like a topper, not like a wig.

mckenna wigs whopper - human hair wig - human hair topper

Mckenna Wigs on Silk or Lace commonly carries whoppers. Her whoppers have a 10 x 10 base with small wefting at the back. The cap size gives the full coverage of a wig due to the curve, without the nape at the back of the cap.

It is the perfect piece for someone who doesn’t want a full wig, because the cap construction is just not for them and they want to still use their natural hair, but wants that same full coverage of a wig! 

Now on to the hybrids!

What is a TWIG?

It’s simple; a Twig, made by The Hair Mama, is a half topper, half wig. The cap is not quite as big as a wig would be, but also not as small as a topper would be. It gives the wearer a great in between feeling of coverage. 

Hybrids have a lower density making them cooler and lighter weight. They are the perfect summer time piece. 

Much like the whopper, the hybrids have a curvature in the cap that gives it that full coverage, however the hybrids curve even more around the back of the head. The curve ends just past the occipital bone, which is a less sensitive area of the head, so it makes for a great place to clip in the piece for people who may have a sensitive scalp. 

Unlike a whopper, a hybrid piece can be worn as both a wig or a topper, whichever your heart desires. This means, you have the option to either tuck all of your hair into the cap (similar to a wig) or blend the back of your hair with the hair piece (like a topper would)!

hair mama twig - human hair wig - human hair topper

The Hair Mama, a popular wig and topper brand housed on Silk or Lace, has started carrying a full collection of Twig pieces. You can see The Hair Mama herself explain it all here!

Hair Mama Twigs have a 11x10 cap, so just smaller than a normal wig size. They do not include the nape piece of the cap construction like a wig would. They include ear tabs and clips so a person can create a natural looking and comfortable sideburn area.

Along with the sideburn clips they add extra clips around the cap, as well as a comb at the bottom for extra security. They come with an adjustable strap on the nape area so the wearer can adjust to their perfect size. They have a Swiss lace top and some with a lace front.

With these Twig pieces, the 4x4 in. lace top area is large enough to create whatever kind of part you you want.

The Milano Divine

The brand Milano Collection created a line called Divine that has an extra-large topper base which creates a hybrid between their toppers and wigs. 

milano divine - human hair wig - human hair topper

They come with a Swiss lace top and front, wefted back, pressure sensitive clips, adjustable straps, light density and can be made with or without eat tabs. These Divine pieces can only be worn in a middle part, so keep that in mind if you are a side part kind of person. 

You can see all the Divine collection pieces we have in stock at Silk or Lace here

The Pros & Cons of a half wig half topper


  • You get the full coverage of a wig 
  • It wears like a toppers so there is a lighter feel to the pieces 
  • The hair density is lower so it is great for summer time
  • There is no nape to the cap construction – no sweaty neck for you!


  • There is no nape piece on the cap construction. This means you cannot glue the area down to be worn in a ponytail. However there are clips and combs to help secure it

If you’ve been having trouble deciding between getting a wig or a topper as your next piece, we think you just found your solution! 

Could topper/wig hybrids be the next big thing? We think so! 


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