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Can I Swim In My Wig? Yes, You Can! [ Wigs and Water Tips & Tricks ]

Can I Swim In My Wig? Yes, You Can! [ Wigs and Water Tips & Tricks ]

Summer is fast approaching.

The weather is warming up, the sun is peeking out and that means one thing is just around the corner…pool days! 

Now to just anyone a pool day, beach day or any type of water activity sounds like a dream. However to someone who wears wigs it can be such a stressful situation. 

“Can I get in the pool with my wig on?”

“What if my hair flies off on the boat?”

“What if I don’t wear my hair, what will people think?”

“Maybe I’ll just sit this one out…”

First off, take a deep breath. Second, we’re here to share with you all the tips and tricks of wigs & water! 

Can I swim in my wig?

Probably the most asked summer time question for wig wearers. 

The short answer, YES! 

However there are some precautions you should take to best preserve your wig hair so it doesn’t get too much damage and some preparations you should do to ensure no wig malfunctions in the water

Wig hair care for swimming


  • Chlorine or salt water is very drying; it can strip the hydration from the hair on your piece. Before swimming you should apply some hydrating leave-in conditioner to your wig. This will act as a barrier, so your piece doesn’t retain as much of the stripping agents as it would without. 
  • Along with leave in conditioner, putting a UV protective primer on the hair will help protect the hair from breakage, discoloration, dry or brittle strands, split ends, thinning or fizziness. We recommend the Bumble and bumble hairdresser's invisible oil 
  • When applying the piece, make sure to use waterproof wig glue or tape for extra support. Regular adhesives will melt off in the water and cause your wig to shift. 


  • Wearing your hair in a low pony or braids while in the water will help to not tangle the hair as much as possible. This will help with the after-care. 


  • After you’re done with your pool day, you should give your hairpiece a proper pamper. We recommend doing a hydrating hair mask, washing the hair preferably before the saltwater or chlorine dries fully into the hair and then applying leave in conditioner.

Don’t wear your most expensive or treasured piece in the water

Yes you can swim in your wig, but wearing your most expensive or favorite piece in the water is not the move. 

We laid out all of the ways to care for your wig hair if you’re going to wear it in the water, but that doesn’t mean it won’t retain any damage at all. You should wear a piece that you’ve had for a while, or buy a synthetic or more budget friendly piece reserved for the pool. 

It’s not the time to show off your water sports skills

We all love to show off that we can do a handstand in the shallow end of the pool, a flip under the water, a smooth dive or even the iconic George Washington water hairstyle – but this is not the time for that. Remember: 

Can I swim in my wig? Yes!

Can I do a front flip off of a cliff on to a jet ski going 50 mph? No way!

We recommend relaxing on a float, treading some water or doggy paddling. 

Even if you made sure to secure your wig as best as you possibly could, the amount of stress not only cause a wig snatch moment but also could damage your hair underneath from too much traction. 

Be authentically yourself!

This might be our most important tip! 

Just because you wear wigs does not mean you are required to wear one in the water. You should approach the day in whatever fashion makes you feel the most comfortable and confident. If that is bald, with thinning hair out or with a full wig on it is completely up to you and every choice is valid. 

Also there are more options out there for you, other than just buying a wig for swimming if you do want to cover up. You can wear a ball cap, a big rim hat, a hair scarf, or a pony wig or hat fall. 

Pony wigs & hat falls

Pony wigs or hat falls are a great summer option because they provide more airflow for your scalp – a hot day lifesaver for wig wearers. 

These pieces would not be the first choice if you want to go under the water, but could be a great option for a boat or beach lounging day!

You can see the ones we have in stock here

Overall having a day in the water in your hairpiece is possible! 

You just need to make sure you take precautions, pamper your piece after, bring your confidence with you and most of all have fun. No more asking can I swim in my wig, just jump in!

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