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Wig Color Scale And What It Means [Color Swatch Comparison]

Wig Color Scale And What It Means [Color Swatch Comparison]

When you’re looking around for your perfect wig, you may find your dream style, cap construction and cut, but what about the color? 

Wigs actually have a numerical grading scale of color. It’s important to know the scale so it’s easier to find the exact color you are looking for.

Today we’re going to break down the wig color scale and what the most common wig colors in the luxury human hair industry are and show you the slight differences between them. Let’s first look at the scale itself. 

Wig Color Scale: 

Black: 1 – 1b

Brunette: 2 - 12

Blonde: 14 - 26

Platinum: 96 – 2613 & 613

  • It is important to note that the 613 blonde color is a straight bleached piece. It has a yellowish golden tint to it and is most commonly purchased by wig makers to custom dye to a different color. 

Grey: 44 - 60

Natural Looking Reds: 27 – 33 

Fiery Reds: 130 – 134

Now that we’ve covered the scale and you are a wig color scale expert, let’s take a look at what the most common wig colors are. 

Most Common Wig Colors

Level 1b, 2, & 3

The 1b, the 2 and the 3 are in the black/brown family. People who have darker hair often have trouble differentiating between the three because the have slightly different tints to them while still remaining the darkest of the scale. 

As you can see 1b is the darkest and 2 & 3 introduce a warmer undertone into the brunette mix. 

1b is often a virgin natural black hairpiece. However saying something is 1b does not require it to be a virgin piece, they can be dyed. This is important to note if you are looking for a virgin black 1b piece. 

As you get a little light to 2 and 3, you'll see a slight red undertone to them. That's because as you lighten hair colors in general, they naturally turn a little warm. Ashy tones are created by adding additional color treatments from the lighter warmer tones. 

The 4 & 6 Mix

The level 4 on the wig color scale is a medium brown shade and the level 6 is a medium chestnut brown shade. The two levels are often used as a common blend. They melt into each other nicely giving the hairpiece a highlighted brunette look. 

This piece is a custom color 4 & 6 blend; therefore the colors may vary slightly. 

It is common when custom coloring to get a slight variance from piece to piece, while still remaining within the wig color scale levels. This gives the piece a one of a kind feel and look, much like a persons natural hair. 

Level 8 & 10

Level 8 is a chestnut brown like the level 6 color, however is a lighter version. The level 10 is a medium golden brown shade. These two shades are hard to tell the difference when looking at them separately, but when put side by side you can see color blends much more clear. 

Overall, the wig color scale is a great tool to know!

Don't forget that the shades can vary slightly from brand to brand as the pieces are often custom colored.

Knowing the scale and the level differences will not only make your wig shopping experience easier but could help you find that slight variance in color that leads you to your new favorite piece or your perfect hair match! 

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