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Sayar Lace Top Wig, "Medium Brown with Caramel Highlights" (R1762)

$935.00 $1,550.00

We have run out of stock for this item.


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Type: Wig

Brand: Sayar Wigs

Color: Medium brown with caramel highlights throughout 

Length (measured 4" from hairline down to longer point of the ends, this may differ from brand listing due to the way we measure): 16-24" layered with 12-13" face framing pieces

Cap Size: Medium , 22" (We recommend this for a 21.5"- 22.5" circumference) 

Note: In the video, Chloe mentions this fits like a true size medium as this fits a bit big on her size small head. 

Top Type: Lace top with lace front, multidirectional parting 

Parting area (measured center cross section of area, side to side x front to back): 4 x 5 in

Ear to ear (measured from top of each ear area across hairline): 11"

Front to back (measured from start of front center hairline to nape): 13.5"

Cap Material: Wefted 

Hair Type/Origin: Mongolian

Hair Texture: Dries straight

Condition: Medium loved. Owned for about three months. 

Other: Medium light density. Lace is cut close to the hairline. Knots are not bleached, slightly plucked. Clips have been removed. There is a stain inside of the lace top that is not visible on the outside. The seller had this piece lightly thinned. There are some spots with glue on the lace front (see photos for reference). 

First impressions/thoughts: Even though the knots on this wig are not bleached they are single, hand tied knots that are small and undetectable. The spots with glue can be washed off. There is a bit of makeup on the lace top. There are a bit of return hairs that can be patted down with a wax stick and/or hot comb. Overall, the hair quality is in good condition. 


Resell : Silk or Lace Return Policy - please read in full before purchasing!

To see how we took measurements for this hair piece, read our Measurement Procedure.

Chloe pictured is 5’7 height with a 21.5" circumference head and usually wears a size small.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Absolutely lovely wig!

I bought a Sayar wig and it's absolutely lovely! It's exactly as described & it came quickly and well-packaged. It was exactly what I was looking for, and the pricing was really reasonable. It's my first Sayar wig and the quality seems great! This will be my daily piece that I'll wear for many months. Thank you so much! I'll definitely be back!

Beautiful piece!

This wig is lovely! I’m used to wearing a lace front wig that requires glue, so this one is such a convenience and relief. This is my second purchase from Silk or Lace.
Thank you!

Jana Bromley
Beautiful Sayar wig and fast shipping

This is my first wig and I absolutely love it! I have been following Sayarwigs on Etsy for a while but was not ready to purchase, as it was out of my price range. So I was very excited to find one on the Silk or Lace resell list for that fit my budget. The color is gorgeous, the hair is soft, and I like that I could blend my bio hair with the silk top.

Customer service from Silk or Lace was excellent and the shipping was very fast and efficient. I do agree with a previous reviewer that the packaging could be improved. The wig came in a paper box, which was smashed by the time it got to me. I know it's not S/L's fault, but a sturdier box would be better. When I ordered my Uniwigs topper, it came in a hard cover box which protected the hair. Anyway, having said that, the wig came beautifully styled and lovely, and I would order from S/L again. Thank you!

Margot Ford
Luscious Bombshell Sayar Wig

This wig is in such good condition I couldn't be happier with it. I love how much volume it has - very VS bombshell hair. I have several Sayar wigs with Mongolian hair and I swear they last YEARS.

Lisa P

Well…first I must say the hair is very nice on this wig. Mongolian which I prefer but a little darker than I like. This wig had never been worn so I cut the lace. I own over 20 Madison Wigs and a few McKenna Wigs so I know how to cut the lace. There is some wrong with the front of this wig because it absolutely will not lay down flat. I will either have to cut bangs or make it into a hat hair wig.

Now for the bad….the packaging is really poor from S or L. Sorry gals but you need to step up your game with your packaging. This wig is very long and a medium density so it was STUFFED into the padded plastic mailing envelope. When I cut it open, unfortunately I CUT THE FRONT OF THE WIG! Probably 20 or more strands but that is my fault. At least buy bigger envelopes for longer wigs…I have never cut into a wig package and cut the wig inside. Most wigs come in a box to protect it better than just an envelope. The wig was wrapped in tissue paper. This was my 4th wig from S or L and that has never happened. I think for what these wigs cost it would be nice to have nicer packaging. USPS does have flat rate boxes so you may want to consider that as an option. I opted out of the insurance so I’m not sure if I would have paid for it would the wig have been packaged differently?

Also this is my 3rd wig with this brand and they run big. All of the wigs are silk tops with wefting in the back so ladies just be aware of that when purchasing this brand.