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A Look at Lu’s Wigs - Creating High Quality Human Hair Pieces for Hair Loss

A Look at Lu’s Wigs - Creating High Quality Human Hair Pieces for Hair Loss

Whether you have hair loss, thinning hair on top, a receding hairline, alopecia or you just want to change up the color of your hair - finding the best human hair wig can be a long and confusing process. 

Lu’s Wigs was founded with the “goal of helping women to feel more like themselves again after experiencing hair loss. The company specializes in designing, creating, and coloring stylish human hair wigs and toppers for women”. 

The company has various collections like: Lace top wigs, Lace top toppers, Silk top toppers, Lace top medical wigs, Silk top wigs, ‘Wear it Up’ Collection, “Effortless Collection”, Hat & Headband Wigs and their Comfy Cap Collection. 

You can learn more about the beginner breakdown of wig cap constructions here. 

In our Resell Silk or Lace section where we list lightly worn human hair wigs at a discounted price we mainly see lace top wigs, silk top lace front wigs, headband or active wigs and lace toppers come in from Lu’s wigs, so let’s break them down! 

Lu’s Lace Top Wigs 

Lu’s has two types of lace top wigs: regular lace tops and medical lace top wigs. 

The important difference to note is the medical lace wigs feature silicone lining on the ear tabs, no clips and extra cotton on the nape, making them super comfortable for people who have little to no hair at all! Take a look at the Lu’s lace wigs we have available here. 

silk or lace - lu's wigs - medical wig - silicone lined lace wig



Lu’s Silk Top Lace Front Wigs 

We often say that a silk top, lace front wig is the best of both worlds! You get the realistic looking scalp of a silk top, with the realistic and flat hairline of a lace front. What more could you ask for?

silk or lace - lu's wigs - silk top lace front wigs - medical wigs

This cap construction has been super popular across the wig world and Lu’s make a great variety of colors in it! You can shop the silk top lace front Lu’s wigs we have in stock here.

Lu’s Lace Top Toppers 

You’re probably familiar with a silk top hair topper as they are more common. With a silk topper, you are meant to blend in your natural hairline with the top to create a seamless look. A lace top topper is made to blend with your natural hair, while also creating a new hairline for you! 

 silk or lace - lus wigs - lace topper - hair topper for thinning hair

If you’re not ready to commit to a full wig, but your hairline needs some help or is too thin to blend into your silk topper, switching to a lace topper is a great in-between place to start! 

You can shop all Lu’s lace toppers we have in stock here! 

Lu’s Headband Wigs (Active Wigs)

A headband wig, commonly known as an active wig, does not have a structured hairline. The hairline of the piece has a raw edge and is meant to be worn with a headband. This allows for you to not worry about making the hairline look good when you're being active, or worry about messing up the hairline by wearing a headband!  

silk or lace - lus wigs - ponytail wig - active wig - headband wig

Shop all Lu’s Headband Wigs we have available here! 

If you’re looking for a variety of cap construction options in a human hair wig brand, Lu’s Wigs has proven they carry a wide range so there’s something for everyone!


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