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Inspiring Women Daily In A Digital World - An Interview With Health & Beauty Influencer Lacie Rodriguez

Inspiring Women Daily In A Digital World - An Interview With Health & Beauty Influencer Lacie Rodriguez

After hearing her doctor say there was no cure for her genetic hair loss, Lacie Rodriguez decided to “shift [her] focus and money from trying to regrow [her] hair to finding really beautiful alternative hair”. 

Through the journey of falling in love with hairpieces and regaining her confidence, she also found beauty in sharing that new gained confidence on her Instagram page. Gaining over 35K followers, Lacie has built a community of women who she inspires daily. 

Interview conducted via email April 6, 2022. 

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Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hi! I’m Lacie Rodriguez! I’m from a tiny town in rural Utah and married to a cowboy from Mexico. We have three beautiful kids and speak both English and Spanish in our home.

I love talking to women about beauty and confidence, especially when it comes to hair loss.

I help women find the right alternative hair piece to help them with their confidence after losing hair and there’s nothing I’ve ever done that is more fulfilling professionally!


When were you diagnosed with androgenic alopecia? What was that like?

I was 19 when I had my first major shed. I was in college and it was one of the darkest times in my life.

I felt totally alone and doctors dismissed my hair loss every single time I brought it up saying it was “just stress.” Trying to go to school and work everyday and have a social life while dealing with a crippling lack of self confidence was almost too much for me to take. I don’t know for sure, but I think I can pinpoint this time in my life as the trigger that started my androgenic alopecia.

I wasn’t officially diagnosed until after having my first child when the doctor said, “It’s just female pattern baldness. It’s not coming back.” I was devastated. I felt like I was the only woman I knew of that was struggling with this. I felt incredibly powerless to stop it or fix it. I couldn’t believe it when he told me there was no cure. I thought “of all the scientific breakthroughs we’ve had in the last 100 years, there’s really still no cure for hair loss?!” It was a dark time for me emotionally and my self esteem was at an all time low.


How did you find wigs & hair toppers?

Every once in a while I’d get a wild hair and research my brains out on the internet for hair loss solutions. My stylist was trying to convince me to get tape in extensions but I kept explaining that it wasn’t going to give me the coverage where I needed it.

At one point I came across an integration system that looked promising but it was extremely expensive and I would have to travel 5 hours to a swanky salon in Las Vegas. It didn’t seem realistic. Then I came across a YouTube video about a “hair extension topper” and I was like, “WAIT! That’s what I need!” So I jumped on it and ordered it, with no idea how it was going to turn out!

After some customizing and lots of practice styling it, blending it, etc, I knew this was going to be my forever solution!


Top piece of advice for people first entering their hair loss journey?

You’re not a freak of nature! That’s how I felt. I had no idea that more than half of women will experience significant hair loss in their lifetime.

It’s a process and you can’t rush it or shame yourself for feeling any which way. You just have to hold onto the hope that one day, you’ll come out of this fog and embrace the fact that there are options to dealing with this. You can still be beautiful and feminine and live a full life with alopecia.

My hair is literally one of the last things on my mind these days and I NEVER thought that could be a possibility.

silk or lace - human hair wigs - best wigs for hair loss - hair thinning solutions - alopecia awareness


What do your children think about your hair loss and wearing hair pieces? Did you have a conversation with them about it and how did that go?

When I got my first piece my first two kids were 3 and 6. I wore it for them and they laughed a little because it seemed a little like a costume. But I laughed with them and then they saw me putting it on everyday and it’s just normal to them now.

They’re 11 and 8 now and my baby is 2 and they’re always offering their opinion on new pieces. I’m confident that if either of my girls lose hair in the future, they’ll already have an idea of how to deal with it. That makes me super happy!

I’ve had a hard time with my hair loss for sure but I try to keep it in perspective for their sake. I don’t want to give them the impression that your life is over if your hair falls out. Secretly I’m super jealous of my girls’ hair lol! I tell them it’s beautiful but I never obsess over it and try not to make them feel like their hair is their identity. That’s really important to me.


When did you start posting about your hair loss online? How has the response been?

When I got my first topper I was already posting online about beauty and things. I knew toppers could be a game changer for some people but I thought it wouldn’t be that many. I figured I could talk about it and hopefully it could help someone. I was blown away by how many people started sending me messages and asking about it.

Over the years my hair loss has progressed and I’ve morphed my platform into a hair loss and alternative hair niche. Now this is what I focus on primarily and the growth has been tremendous because there are so many more women out there struggling with this than I ever thought possible!

I’m committed to ending the stigmas of both female hair loss and wearing alternative hair and hoping to bring many new people into this community. I think it can be very healing to find people going through similar experiences. 

silk or lace - human hair wigs - best wigs for hair loss - hair thinning solutions - alopecia awareness


What’s the last TV show you’ve binged?

Oh gosh! I’m not much of a TV person (I prefer movies) but I really loved New Girl when it first came out and I watched it while nursing my second baby! I’ve missed all the new seasons lol


How is it living in a super small town with no traffic lights? Do you ever crave the “big city” life? 

I actually LOVE living in a small town. It can be frustrating to be this far from amenities and resources but the city can give me anxiety after a bit.

I love to visit and eat at a nice restaurant, shop, etc but I’m always ready to come home to the calm. No traffic lights means very little traffic and that’s how I prefer it. 


Current hair trend you love?

I’m obsessed with curtain bangs! Almost every single piece I own has them lol! I think they’re flattering on literally everyone if you get the right length and they keep your hair out of your face.


If you could only have one dessert for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Coconut ice cream. Hands down. It’s my favorite in Mexico!



Follow Lacie on socials:

Tik Tok: @lacie.rodriguez

Instagram: @lacie.rodriguez


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Which Lusta Wig or Hair Topper Is Right For Me?

Which Lusta Wig or Hair Topper Is Right For Me?

We get a variety of Lusta Hair wigs and toppers in our Resell Silk or Lace section, so we’re here to break down which wig cap construction would work best for you! 

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Changing The Wig Game One Tik Tok At A Time - An Interview With Hair Influencer Danielle Sells

Changing The Wig Game One Tik Tok At A Time - An Interview With Hair Influencer Danielle Sells

Danielle Sells’ alopecia started to really show and her hair started to “boycott my head” as she said, when she hit her 30s. After some much needed time accept her new reality and to lean on her support system, she purchased her first human hair wig and she said, “in less than a minute, everything changed”.  

Now she makes Instagram and Tik Tok posts dedicated to helping other women with hair loss take charge of their hair journey and feel confident every day! We asked Danielle about her journey with alopecia and how it led to her life online. 

Interview conducted via email February 28, 2022. 

silk or lace - high quality synthetic wigs - women with hair loss - my journey with alopecia - alopecia awareness

Danielle wearing Agent Miko.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

"Hi! I am Danielle, better known as “Mommy” in my house. I have three beautiful children ranging from 1 to 7 years old, and an incredibly supportive husband. I love spending time with my family, photography, and buying all the wigs!"  


How did you find wigs?

"When my hair loss reached a point it was affecting my daily life, I joined an online hair loss support group. 

In doing so I realized many women suffering from hair loss had turned to wigs and looked fantastic! 

After confiding in my sister, husband, and a friend, they encouraged me to purchase my first wig."


That first experience shaving your head, what was that like? How did you feel?

"I went in pretty confident. I was sick of braiding my hair everyday to put on my wigs and I knew shaving off what remained of my hair would be so much easier on a day-to-day basis. My hair loss had reached the point that I wouldn’t leave my house without a hat or a wig, so shaving it off just made the most sense.

Because of the confidence I had in my decision, I was truly caught off-guard by how emotional it ended up making me. The hairdresser encouraged me to try a cute pixie cut, but after she did it, there was still a large bald spot she just couldn’t cover. After we went ahead and buzzed off what remained of my hair, I cried in the car on the way home. My kids needed a couple of days to adjust, but my husband was super supportive. 

He kept reminding me that it was just hair, and that at the end of the day this choice made it easier to wear the new hair I loved."


How did you first start making Tik Tok content? 

"I originally had just a fun family Tik Tok, which mostly consisted of my daughter turning herself into a unicorn or making funny faces while listening to music. In October, a friend started a BookTok account, because she adores reading.

Watching her connect with other readers inspired me to make a wig and hair loss themed Tik Tok so I could connect with other women in my shoes. I really wanted to help women suffering from hair loss, for whatever reason, feel confident and comfortable in their wig journey and create a supportive community."


silk or lace - high quality synthetic wigs - women with hair loss - my journey with alopecia - alopecia awareness
Danielle wearing Agent Imani.

Hair color trend you're so into right now? 

"I am currently obsessed with the copper brown color trend and curtain bangs. I really just love bangs. I hated them with human hair because they were so high maintenance but on wigs? They are the best."


Craziest wig story?

"Before I told anyone I wore wigs I had a dentist appointment go awry. The dental assistant was incredibly sweet and complimented my hair early on in the visit. I had worn my head band wig in a really cute style that I’d secured with bobby pins.

When she took me back for x-rays and asked me to remove my nose ring, glasses, and bobby pins. I started to get nervous because the wig I was wearing had a metal comb and clips. I asked if small hair clips needed to come off, and she shook her head yes.

I ended up just pulling off my wig without warning, and her face turned bright red. I said “Sorry, I should have mentioned it was a wig” We both burst into laughter!"


How do you talk to your little ones about wearing wigs? 

"My daughter, 7 (6 at the time), was the only one that really grasped what was going on. I explained to her that mommy’s hair doesn’t grow like most peoples’ so I get a little help with wigs. My middle son (3 at the time) just says “Mommy I love your new haircut” every time I switch wigs."

silk or lace - high quality synthetic wigs - women with hair loss - my journey with alopecia - alopecia awareness

Your top piece of mom advice?

"Appreciate the bad days. 

Every time one of my children throws up in the car, throws a tantrum, or gives us a sleepless night - I try to remember that soon I will long these days. They are only little for such a short time and it goes so stinking fast."


Last meal would be...

"Oooh. This is difficult. Probably some kind of pasta, and BREAD, and Cheesecake. Maybe some ice cream."


Favorite Agenteur wig?

"I really love Piper! She is the perfect blonde for my skin tone. I also really like Aspen because of her cut and style.  My husband’s favorite is Brooklyn."


Follow Danielle on socials:

Tik Tok: @wighairdontcare

Instagram: @wighair_dontcare


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I Googled…Wiglet for Women | (These were the questions that popped up) Four most common questions and answers

I Googled…"Wiglet for Women" and These Were the Questions that Popped Up

The search for selecting the right wig or hairpiece can be a bit daunting. There are so many different names and styles for pieces that it can be difficult to really know what is the best piece for you and your needs. I decided to search keywords on Google to see what were the most common questions asked when thinking about a wiglet.
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Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes | Halloween Wigs That Celebrities Rocked!

Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes | Halloween Wigs That Celebrities Rocked!

Halloween 2021, was one for the books. Celebrities like: Kendall Jenner, Lizzo, Lil Naz X, Doja Cat, Charli D’Amelio and more showed out with the best halloween wigs!


Kendall Jenner

silk or lace - celebrity halloween costumes - halloween wigs - best halloween wigs - best celebrity halloween costumes - costume wigs - kendall jenner

Supermodel Kendall Jenner is bringing back the 90’s with her recreation of the Martian girl from the 1996 film, Mars Attacks! 

What’s that saying again, “The higher the hair, the closer to...mars?”. Yeah, that’s it!


silk or lace - celebrity halloween costumes - halloween wigs - best halloween wigs - best celebrity halloween costumes - costume wigs - lizzo - star wars halloween costume

Lizzo is a woman, sorry I mean Jedi Master, of many talents - Halloween costumes being one of them! 

Lizzo took to the streets to show off her Yoda costume, and she had all of the beings of Hollywood Galaxy beaming over her iconic look!

Lil Nas X

silk or lace - celebrity halloween costumes - halloween wigs - best halloween wigs - best celebrity halloween costumes - costume wigs - lil nas x

We can feel the middle school cringe from here…

Lil Nas X created major nostalgia for Gen Z with his costume as Seth Powers from popular Nickelodeon sitcom, Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide.

Charli D’Amelio

silk or lace - celebrity halloween costumes - halloween wigs - best halloween wigs - best celebrity halloween costumes - costume wigs - charli damelio

silk or lace - celebrity halloween costumes - halloween wigs - best halloween wigs - best celebrity halloween costumes - costume wigs - charli damelio

Charlie D’Amelio, princess of Tik Tok, brought two feminine beauties to the spooky stage this Halloween season! Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas and Alice from Alice in Wonderland.

Chloe Bailey

silk or lace - celebrity halloween costumes - halloween wigs - best halloween wigs - best celebrity halloween costumes - costume wigs - chloe bailey

silk or lace - celebrity halloween costumes - halloween wigs - best halloween wigs - best celebrity halloween costumes - costume wigs - chloe bailey

Chloe Bailey, decided one look was not enough this Halloween! She practically broke the internet with her Betty Boop costume and Lola from Shark Tales. It’s called range!

Doja Cat

silk or lace - celebrity halloween costumes - halloween wigs - best halloween wigs - best celebrity halloween costumes - costume wigs - doja cat

Doja Cat kept it classy and sassy as Ms.Bellum from The Powerpuff Girls

Megan Thee Stallion 

silk or lace - celebrity halloween costumes - halloween wigs - best halloween wigs - best celebrity halloween costumes - costume wigs - megan thee stallion - cruella devill

You better not let the dogs out because Megan Thee Stallion is one cruel-ella. 

Camila Mendes and Madelaine Petsch

silk or lace - celebrity halloween costumes - halloween wigs - best halloween wigs - best celebrity halloween costumes - costume wigs - daphne and velma - scooby doo costumes - cami mendes

It’s no mystery that Camila Mendes and Madelaine Petsch are besties, so of course they had to go as the dynamic duo, Velma and Daphne, from Scooby Doo.

Black Pink’s Lisa

silk or lace - celebrity halloween costumes - halloween wigs - best halloween wigs - best celebrity halloween costumes - costume wigs - black pink - squid games

Squid Games took over the streaming world, and Lisa from Black Pink gets a green light from us for recreating the robot girl from episode 1.

If you're looking for some Halloween costume inspo, look no further, these celebrities covered all the bases!


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Is Postpartum Hair Loss Normal? Yes! Here’s why.

Is Postpartum Hair Loss Normal? Yes! Here’s why.

What is postpartum hair loss and is it normal?

Postpartum telogen effluvium is a type of hair loss caused by the hormonal processes of pregnancy. Postpartum hair loss typically occurs within the first six months following childbirth. It is totally normal, but many women aren’t aware of the possibility of having it until they experience it firsthand.

When Kendall first started losing hair amid the hustle and bustle of new baby life, she had no idea what was happening or why. “I had never had hair loss and I didn’t know if I would get it postpartum,” says Kendall. “I first noticed it in the shower when I would run my fingers through my hair. It would come out in handfuls.”

The truth is postpartum hair loss (yes, even in handfuls) is very common. An average of 40% to 50% of women will experience some degree of postpartum hair loss, according to the American Pregnancy Association. 


Rachel experienced thinning at her temples postpartum

Rachel experienced postpartum hair loss after having her son.

Why do some women experience hair loss after having a baby?

Following childbirth, estrogen and progesterone levels that had increased during pregnancy begin to fall, which can result in postpartum hair loss. Postpartum hair loss can begin anywhere from 2 to 6 months post-childbirth.

During pregnancy, women actually experience a lot of changes in their hair due to the increase in their estrogen and progesterone levels. This can cause some surprising side effects, such as increased facial and bellybutton hair, alongside more exciting ones like a fuller, healthier, shinier head of hair. Rachel, who had experienced unrelated hair loss prior to her pregnancy, acknowledges the increased hair growth during pregnancy was a totally welcome side effect. “Having my hair grow back during pregnancy was such a tease!” explains Rachel. “I even got to the point where I wouldn’t wear wigs.”

Fuller, healthier hair during pregnancy happens because the soaring levels of estrogen and progesterone push the hair into its active growing stage for a prolonged period of time, resulting in thicker strands, less hair fall, and maximal hair growth for some lucky folks. For others, it can result in oilier strands or even changes in hair textures and curl patterns. For some women, there are no changes at all. The hormonal fluctuations that come with pregnancy are unique to each person and their body and there’s no way to predict if you will experience increased hair growth during pregnancy or hair loss postpartum.

In fact, sometimes even different pregnancies can impact your body differently. Claire, who has since been diagnosed with Androgenic Alopecia, says it wasn’t until after having her second child that she really experienced hair loss postpartum. “I had hair loss before my first daughter, but not too badly,” says Claire. “It was the postpartum shed after my second daughter that I really started to notice that it was becoming visible.”


Celebrity Ashley Graham opened up about her hair loss

Even celebrities experience it: Ashley Graham opened up about her postpartum hair loss this year


How much hair loss is normal for postpartum?

The truth is there is no normal amount of hair loss that you can expect to experience postpartum. This is totally individual to each person and can also be impacted by other environmental factors, such as lack of sleep, changes in diet, and other stresses associated with adjusting to life with a new baby. However, if you are losing a higher volume, don’t be alarmed. It’s not uncommon for women to lose up to 400 hairs a day postpartum.

Kendall experienced most of her hair loss along her hairline, which is the most common area that women experience noticeable hair thinning after having a baby. “I had an inch to two inches of an almost bald spot right around my temple and down to my ears along my hairline,” she explains.

Hair has a three-step cycle process: when it’s actively growing, when it’s resting, and when it’s shedding. Most people lose up to 100 hairs a day and don’t even notice because hair all over our head is at different stages in this cycle at any given time. Because hormonal processes during pregnancy prolong the actively growing stage of the hair growth cycle, women experience a higher shed as their hormone levels go back to normal. 


Claire experienced postpartum hair loss

When Claire experienced postpartum hair loss, she eventually decided to start wearing wigs.


Is postpartum hair loss permanent?

Postpartum hair loss is totally temporary. In the majority of cases, women experience postpartum hair loss for two to three months on average and then begin seeing regrowth six months post-childbirth. “It gradually got less and then I started having tiny baby hairs standing straight up when my hair was in a bun or pony!” says Kendall on her hair growth postpartum. Most women who experience postpartum hair loss should notice their hair growth is completely back to normal around the one-year mark of having their child. 

If you are still experiencing notable hair loss past the six-month mark postpartum, it may be worth checking in with a doctor to see if there’s something else going on. Most of the time, prolonged postpartum hair loss can be caused by treatable conditions, such as hypothyroidism or vitamin deficiencies.

However, postpartum hair loss can also unmask or accelerate underlying hair loss conditions, like it did for Claire and Rachel. “It was when my middle daughter turned three that I kind of gave up on trying to recover the hair I’d lost,” says Claire. Many women experience pattern hair loss at some point in their life and, while there is no cure, there are treatments and other options (like amazing hair toppers and wigs!) that can help.


Rachel, wearing her wig

When Rachel didn't recover the hair she lost, she decided to lean into hair loss and buy a new wig.


What solutions are available for postpartum hair loss?

As we’ve already established, hair thinning following pregnancy is totally normal. If your postpartum hair loss is not worrying you, there is no need to explore treatment options because the hair is likely to grow back on its own naturally. “To a new mom, I’d say to go easy on yourself,” says Claire. “I put so much attention and importance on trying to get the loss to stop – [but it’s] impossible, it’s biological!”

If your postpartum hair loss is worrying you, particularly if it’s gone on for longer than is typically expected, you could consult a doctor or certified dermatologist to see if there is something else contributing to it. However, it’s important to note that for typical postpartum hair loss, there are no current universal or proven preventions and treatments to slow its rate.

Getting enough rest and avoiding stress are some obvious solutions that can help your body transition to its new normal postpartum, but (let’s face it) with a new baby, most of that is off the menu for at least the next twelve months and that’s totally fine.

Rachel and her son


If you’re experiencing postpartum hair loss, you’re not alone.

Hair loss in women is still a taboo which can put undue stress on moms who are just trying to adjust to their new normal. “It’s so hard to deal with the unknown but, for so many, as your body recovers and hormones settle, the [hair] loss does stop,” says Claire, “and if it doesn’t then there’s so many alternative hair options out there for us now – along with a supportive community of women who ‘get it’ and will support you through this.”

Rachel admits her self-confidence took a hit postpartum as her hair loss returned and she adjusted to being a new mom. Her solution: acceptance – and some new hair mail! “I decided to lean into the hair loss instead of fighting it,” she explains. “Now, I just throw on my wig and have instant perfect hair.”

Anyone who wears wigs and toppers says that the best part is how little time it takes to get ready – a savior for those busy days when balancing a newborn with other obligations. Hair toppers are a great option for new moms who are experiencing postpartum hair loss as they’re similar to extensions, but they clip onto the top of your head. Many women with and without hair loss wear toppers, just for the extra volume and ease of styling. If your hair loss is more pronounced, wigs are also a great option as they don’t require any of your own hair to be out for blending.

Postpartum hair loss can be a stressful experience, but it’s important to remember the hair fall is completely temporary and normal. “Most of the time, it does grow back. Just soak in those baby cuddles!” says Kendall.

Whether you decide to pursue alternative hair solutions or find community online, you shouldn’t let your postpartum hair loss take away from the incredible new additions to your life. “Don’t forget to enjoy your baby,” says Claire. “Don’t let hair loss take those special times away from you.”


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Fall 2021 Hair Trends | Best Human Hair Wigs For Fall

Fall 2021 Hair Trends | Best Human Hair Wigs For Fall

Fall is just around the corner, which means autumn hair trends are falling in line!

Fall hair trends are all about the transition from summer to winter, so we’ve rounded up the trendiest transition hair colors of 2021.It's time to make a statement this fall season.


1. Bronde Beauty

bronde hair - fall hair colors - bronde human hair wigs - best human hair wigs - fall hair 2021

Pair the sun kissed summer blonde with the winter brunette and you have a stunning bronde.

A bronde mix gives the best of both worlds and it's the perfect transition shade between seasons. Plus it's a celebrity favorite! 

Shop all bronde human hair pieces here!


2. Rich Chocolate Brown

best human hair wig - dark brown human hair lace wig

One of the best parts of fall is the warm delicious treats – why should your hair miss out?

A rich warm chocolate brown is the perfect hair color to contrast the light browns of a hayride and the deep reds of apple picking.

These chocolate brown human hair wigs we have in stock are delicious! 


3. Golden Auburn

auburn human hair wigs - best human hair wigs - red human hair wigs - hairpieces for women with thinning hair

The leaves are turning into stunning shades of red and orange and the hair trends are following suit.

Red heads give main character energy and the warmth of a golden auburn will surely turn head this season. 

I mean, why just drink pumpkin spice latte’s when you can be one?

Shop all our spicy Auburns here


4. Warm rooted blonde

best human hair wigs - fall hair colors - blonde hair for fall - hairpieces for women with thinning hair

The summer blonde is fading, so why not turn it in to a rooted subtle warm blend! 

This hair color is perfect for blondes who want to feel the fall vibes, but still want to be a blonde.

Shop rooted blonde hairpieces just for you


5. Dark Brunette with Pops of Sultry Color

silk or lace - purple lace wigs - fall hair color trends - best human hair wigs on sale -

We’re all aware of the colored money piece, or front piece, hair trend from tik tok. While that trend may be dying out, color surely is not!

Pairing a dark chocolate brunette with some subtle pops of color is the perfect way to stand out and have a little bit of fun with the fall hair trends of 2021!

Shop all chocolate and purple human hair wigs here!


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Tik Tok - @silkorlace

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Is Hair Loss Hereditary? | Genetics and Androgenic Alopecia

Is Hair Loss Hereditary? | Genetics and Androgenic Alopecia

The truth is that hair loss is a really complicated subject and we still don't know a lot about how exactly someone's genetics might play a part.

It’s Alopecia Awareness Month. A month that is poignant for me as I spent many years as a woman with unexplained hair loss, unaware that I actually had Androgenic Alopecia. After ruling out any underlying health conditions that could have caused my female pattern hair loss, I decided to forgo expensive hair loss treatments and invested in a wig instead. I didn’t know if genetics caused my hair loss, or hormones, or my years of flat-ironing my hair as a 2000s teenager. All I knew was that my hair was falling out and I needed to keep living my life.

While I’m not ashamed of my hair loss, as a woman it is valuable to me to be able to move through the world without my insecurities about my hair on display. Wigs and toppers saved me a lot of pain as I adjusted to my new normal. Hair loss can be very isolating and women don’t often talk about it, making it an even more challenging area to research. I’ve often asked: why me? With no obvious explanation as to why my hair loss became chronic, I've sometimes wondered if my hair loss is hereditary. However, no one in my family has ever experienced hair thinning as young, nor to the extent, that I have. Or at least, that’s what I thought until I started talking about my hair loss with my family and took a closer look at our family tree.

But first, what is Androgenic Alopecia?

Androgenic Alopecia, otherwise known as male or female pattern hair loss, is an extremely common form of Alopecia. Androgenic Alopecia presents through hair thinning or balding, typically at the hairline and crown, as well as through miniaturization of the hair (meaning individual hair strands become finer). Many people can go the majority of their lives without knowing they have Androgenic Alopecia, but environmental factors and medical processes can unmask the condition earlier, like it did for me. Because Androgenic Alopecia is closely linked to hormonal processes in the body, I always suspected that my Androgenic Alopecia was uncovered when I decided to stop taking hormonal birth control, which led to a dramatic bout of Telogen Effluvium and my hair never grew back.

Chelsea, who was diagnosed with Androgenic Alopecia

Before I decided to finally see a doctor about my hair loss, I’d known for a while that my hair had become thinner. However, I didn’t realize the extent of my hair loss until a saw a photo of the back of my head, taken from above. In the picture, I was sat down with a friend and my head was tilted back in laughter. My parting was very wide and a large patch of hair loss was apparent at my crown where you could see my scalp. Unfortunately, by the time you can see scalp through someone’s hair, they’ve likely already lost about 50-70% of their hair. This is very difficult and expensive to recover from, and instead of going down the path of medical intervention, I decided to start wearing wigs and tried to move on with my life. But I always wondered if my hair loss was somehow my fault, since I didn’t know anyone else my age who had it too.

Another picture of Chelsea's hair thinning

So, is pattern hair loss hereditary?

Androgenic Alopecia, or Androgenetic Alopecia, is thought to be linked to genetics. However, female pattern hair loss is, unfortunately, polygenic. This means that female pattern hair loss involves more than one gene, which makes it challenging to identify exactly what genes are involved at the root cause of women’s hair loss. Female pattern hair loss, while potentially hereditary, is not directly correlated with genetics. People can have both parents with thinning hair or balding and never develop hair loss themselves, or the other way around. In our current understanding of the genes involved in Androgenetic Alopecia, either gender can inherit the condition. This is because the genes that are linked to pattern baldness are carried on the X chromosome, meaning men or women are just as likely to carry it.

Ultimately, genetics are an unreliable tell for whether or not someone will develop hair thinning or balding because there are many factors as to how and why someone may lose their hair, such as vitamin deficiencies, styling practices, or hormonal changes brought on by thyroid conditions, menopause, or pregnancy. 

The men in Chelsea's family have the same widow's peak

I never realized I had a family history of pattern baldness because my own experience of it as a woman has been so different. I always wrongly assumed you had to inherit hair loss from someone the same gender as you. On one side of my family, the men all have had a widow’s peak that has begun in their late twenties and early thirties, then progressed later in life. My brother has it, my uncle has it, and my grandfather had it. It’s easy to trace my brother’s small experiences of hair thinning because there’s a line of men who share it, in the same pattern and age range. Men’s hair loss, while still stigmatized, is also more widely accepted as a part of life. No one tends to wonder if there’s something wrong with a man who is going bald; if he’s ill or if he did something to mess up his hair. It’s just a fact of life that as men age, and sometimes even when they’re young, they can lose their hair.

Why don’t we know more about female pattern hair loss?

For women, it’s not so simple. Women, particularly before the days of Google, had to seek advice from an actual person if they suspected they were losing their hair. Considering I used to only seek out advice on my Androgenic Alopecia on Incognito Mode, I can only imagine how many women this deterred from finding answers about their hair loss.

Chelsea's Grandmother as a teenager

Which is why I was so surprised to hear during a recent conversation with my mom that my paternal grandmother had, in fact, shown some signs of hair loss. My grandmother was of the era of women that coveted platinum blonde hair and she turned to at-home peroxide treatments to achieve it for years. It’s possible the hair dying and treatments could have contributed to her hair loss, but even in the years beyond her dying it, her hair did, anecdotally, show some signs of thinning.

When I think of my grandmother, I picture her in a figure-hugging outfit, with bright red lipstick, and her dark hair pushed back dramatically from her face. She never showed her part or the crown of her hair with this style. It’s possible she just liked this hairstyle, but it reminded me of how I would wear my hair in a deep side parting or up in a bun to disguise my own hair thinning before I started wearing wigs.

Chelsea's Grandmother and her brushed back hairstyle

My grandmother was an extremely proud, warm, and striking woman who would never have spoken publicly about her hair loss, if she had experienced it, even with her loved ones.

It doesn’t surprise me that her hair was never brought up previously as, honestly, there were so many more fascinating things about her, such as her love of and dedication to her career as a defense lawyer in Britain. In the UK, lawyers wear wigs, as a symbol of anonymity and displacement of personal identity and opinion in favor or truth and justice. I think my grandmother was, in some ways, most herself when she was in a court of law in her robes and wig. I wonder if a part of it was because she didn’t have to think about her femininity and how she looked in this setting. She was free.

We still don’t know exactly what causes Androgenic Alopecia, but it can be treated.

Androgenic Alopecia can be treated, through topical and oral medications, and even cosmetic procedures, particularly if it is caught early and diagnosed by a certified dermatologist who specializes in hair. However, there isn’t a cure yet for Androgenic Alopecia.

Chelsea and her Grandmother

Ultimately, I decided to wear wigs and found an incredible community of women online who understood how I feel. Unfortunately, I can’t ask my grandmother if she had the same female pattern hair loss as me and I’ll never know if she had it, too. I’ll never know how she felt about her hair. If she was a bigger baddie than me and didn’t give two flips about it, or if maybe sometimes it made her feel undesirable and alone like I felt before I found my confidence again. I can’t help but daydream about us spending a day out wig shopping. I wonder what she might have chosen, if she’d have gone back to her blonde days or chosen something totally eccentric and colorful, like who she was as a person.

The truth is I’m still the only woman, to my knowledge, in my family history that has had Androgenic Alopecia and whose hair began thinning in her late teens and twenties. I will likely never know if my hair loss was caused by my genetics. That said, I hope the things I pass on are the more important things I got from my family: love, compassion, tenacity. But if I’m not the last woman with hair loss in my family, at least the next girl will know who to turn to.


Special thanks to Dr. Kumar Sukhdeo from Nupello.com for speaking with us for this article and video. You can follow him @drkumarsuhkdeo and check out the interview in the video at the top of this page!

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A Closer Look at: Highline Wigs (Toppers by Sharon) and Lusta Hair

A Closer Look at: Highline Wigs (Toppers by Sharon) and Lusta Hair


Highline Wigs and Lusta Hair both create gorgeous human hair toppers and wigs with signature custom coloring. So, what’s so special about a Highline hair topper or a Lusta wig? Let’s take a closer look at the different cap constructions and products from each brand.

Two brand collections that we stock regularly through our Resell market are Lusta Hair and Highline Wigs (Toppers by Sharon). They both create hair toppers for thinning hair and wigs for balding women. If you’re interested in finding the best affordable topper and wig options for purchase, check out Resell: Silk or Lace. Through our resell market, you can purchase lightly worn wigs and toppers in great condition from your favorite hair brands, like Lusta or Highline, for a fraction of the original price. 

Highline Wigs (Toppers by Sharon)

Highline Wigs hair topper

Highline Wigs hair topper

Highline Wigs hair topper

Highline Wigs, based in New York, carries a collection of different types of hairpieces, but is primarily known for their realistic silk top Highline toppers. Their toppers come in a variety of sizes and densities, making them ideal for hair thinning. Highline’s pony topper, for example, comes in a smaller base size and is a low density hair topper, making it ideal to clip on and throw up into a ponytail or bun. Highline silk toppers also come in larger base sizes for women who need fuller coverage. Almost all of Highline’s silk top toppers come with a signature haircut and custom color by their team, unless the hair is specified as “natural” or “virgin” in the description.

Highline Wigs pony topper

Highline Wigs pony topper

Highline Wigs pony topper

Highline also stocks both silk top and lace top wigs. Highline’s lace wigs will come with a plucked natural hairline and lightly bleached knots. All of Highline’s hair toppers and wigs come with multi-directional partings, unless otherwise specified. Both cap constructions come with the same signature cut and colors by Sharon and her team that Highline Wigs is known for.

Lusta Hair

Lusta Hair topper in "Golden Girl"

Lusta Hair topper in "Golden Girl"

Lusta Hair topper in "Golden Girl"

Lusta Hair is an online wig and topper store based in Australia. Lusta Hair carries a variety of hair toppers for thinning hair and wigs for balding women. Lusta Hair is known for their comfortable-fitting cap constructions and unique variety of custom colors with catchy names like, “So Fetch!” 

Lusta toppers come in a variety of base sizes, lengths, and densities, but they always come with the signature realistic Lusta silk top topper construction. Lusta also creates halo hair extensions, which can be worn on their own or blended seamlessly with a Lusta hair topper.

Lusta Hair essentials wig

Lusta Hair essentials wig

Lusta Hair essentials wig

Lusta carries a variety of human hair wig products, including silk top wigs and silk top lace front wigs. First up, the Lusta essentials wig, a silk top cap construction that comes either with or without a lace front. Next, the Lusta game changer wig, which boasts a multi-directional parting, hyper-realistic plucked hairline, and exclusive silicone lining to make sure your hair stays perfectly in place all day long. The silicone lining on their game changer wig makes this an ideal wig for balding women, but it can be worn even with your own hair underneath.

Lusta and Highline make some of the best hair toppers on the market! Interested in purchasing the best affordable hair toppers and wigs from Highline Wigs or Lusta Hair product? Check out our Resell: Silk or Lace collections to purchase lightly worn Highline Wigs or Lusta Hair pieces on sale!

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I Shaved My Head To Take Control of My Hair Loss - An Interview With Chloe Bean

I Shaved My Head To Take Control of My Hair Loss - An Interview With Chloe Bean

Did you know that over 50% of women experience notable hair loss in their lifetime?

Hair loss is such a common occurrence in women, though talking about it is still considered taboo. 

Chloe Bean, Arizona State University student and bald badass, is breaking down the stigma one Instagram and Tik Tok post at a time!

We were lucky enough to interview her for Hair Loss Awareness month and get a closer look into her life with alopecia.

Interview conducted via email August 12, 2021.


 alopecia areata - women with hair loss - high quality wigs for women with thinning hair - why is my hair falling out

When did you first realize your hair was falling out?

“I was 8 years old when I first realized my hair was falling out.

I remember that I was in Elementary school and one morning while my mom was doing my hair, she noticed a bald spot on the back of my head. That’s when I started to notice a bunch of hair on my pillowcases every morning.

My parents initially thought that I was pulling out my hair, but over time more bald spots appeared and that’s when they realized there was a bigger situation at hand”


What was your initial reaction to your hair loss?

“I have been bald three times in my life now and I don’t really remember my initial reaction the first time I went bald since I was so young, but what I do remember is feeling like I didn’t belong when I was around people in public or around my friends since I wasn't like the other girls who had such long, beautiful hair.

Instead, I always had to wear hats out in public to try and hide the bald spots that were scattered throughout my hair”


How did you get diagnosed with Alopecia Areata?

“It took a few months of going to multiple doctors and dermatologists until finally a dermatologist at Mid Michigan Health Center diagnosed me with Alopecia Areata.

Little did I know the huge impact that would have on my life.

I feel that Alopecia wasn't as well known back then compared to today which is why it was more difficult for my peers to understand what was going on with me then compared to today's society, more and more people are starting to come out and say they have Alopecia or other autoimmune diseases which is absolutely amazing”


When did you decided to post about your hair loss and what gave you the courage?

“November 13th of 2016 was the very first time I gained enough courage to post a bald picture of myself on instagram.

After years of hiding it and having it control me I decided to take control of it.

alopecia areata - female hair loss - why is my hair falling out

There were many factors that encouraged me which include my family, especially my parents, but I would have to say someone who stood by my side and always had my back was my therapist.

I started seeing a therapist back in high school when I was losing my hair. After many sessions and countless tears, she helped me realize that instead of looking into a mirror everyday and not liking the image that reflected in it, that it would make me much happier to take control of my autoimmune disease by shaving what was left of my hair off. She was absolutely right. Rather than seeing bald spots grow bigger and bigger everyday around my head or seeing clumps of hair on my pillows, I felt powerful for once.

It felt like a weight lifted off of my shoulders after going completely bald. It was my new identity.”


What was the feedback like when you finally posted about your hair loss?

The feedback was absolutely powerful. I had people who I hadn’t reached out to in years commenting on my picture and my DMs were flooded with such positive messages.

Growing up people always knew I had Alopecia because they could see the bald spots around my head, but being able to take charge of something you have no control over and the courage to embrace it... is what makes you powerful!!”


When did your social media account starts to gain attention and how did it make you feel?

“My social media accounts started to gain attention because of my Alopecia and so to speak “coming out” with it.

Back in high school I would always post bald pictures of myself and I even made an Instagram account solely for the purpose of my journey with Alopecia, but I started to gain a lot of attention once a few of my Tik Tok videos went viral pertaining to Alopecia. Once that happened,

I realized something in my life that makes me truly happy is letting other people know that they aren't alone. It gives me a purpose!

Growing up I really didn't have a good support system or people who could understand me on a deeper level. I believe if someone is going through something, finding a support system is crucial. Knowing there are other people going through the same thing you’re going through and who can relate helps tremendously”


Who is your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspirations are both of my parents. They are what hard work and determination is. No matter what anyone in our family is going through they are my rocks, my support system and always have my back!


What was your experience like with medical treatments for your hair loss?

The fact that there isn’t a cure for Alopecia is very unfortunate, so my experience with medical treatment hasn’t been that great. I did start doing sessions of steroid shots back in high school that would get injected in my head, but that required countless sessions and once I stopped receiving the shots, my hair would just fall out again so it was like a never ending cycle.

female hair loss - alopecia areata - women with thinning hair - why is my hair falling out

I decided to quit receiving treatment this year actually and just embrace my baldness rather than try and fight for my body to produce hair when it isn’t meant to be.


What was the first wig you ever got and what was the experience like wearing it for the first time?

The first wig I ever received was from a nonprofit organization called Wigs4Kids. Maggie Varney the CEO made the experience out of this world!

During my appointment she showed me a variety of different wig caps and how they feel on your head to make me feel comfortable. I was also able to pick out the hair color on my wig.

The first time wearing it was so surreal because I knew that I had a wig on so it made me very self conscious about going out in public. I felt like I got really in my head and assumed that everyone would know I was wearing a wig because I knew that I was wearing one. I would constantly wear a hat over my wig to make me feel more comfortable, but over time it got easier and I accepted the fact I had a wig on my head.


What is your favorite wig color?

“My favorite wig color is a dark brown/auburn with ombre. I feel it makes me look natural and compliments my skin tone well”


Your cousins shaved their hair to make a wig for you and the video of it went viral! What was that journey like?

Family means everything to me. My cousins saw how difficult it was for me growing up at times not having hair, so when I recently went bald again my cousins decided to grow their hair out for me to make a wig from family hair.

Two years later, their hair was finally long enough to be able to donate it towards making a wig. At first my cousin, Grant, joked about it and would send me pictures of how long his hair was getting, but then it became a reality and he told me how he was now growing out his hair to make a wig for me.

female hair loss - real human hair wig donation - high quality human hair wig - women with thinning hair

Throughout the duration of him growing out his hair, he would update me over text or face time, explaining how he bought supplements to help make his hair grow faster. I am so blessed to have a family like mine!”


Female hair loss for Chloe has been a life long challenge.

Refusing to let her hair take control of her life and gaining the courage to shave her head, has been a life changing experience.

As the advice Chloe wish she had at the beginning of her hair loss journey states,

“It is such a beautiful process. Never fight for something that just isn't meant to be. I’m bald and have a story to tell.”


Follow Chloe on social media, @chl0ebean!

Keep up with us on socials:

Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook & Pinterest: @silkorlace



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How do I make my wig last longer? | The Best Human Hair Wig Guide - Wig 101

How do I make my wig last longer? | The Best Human Hair Wig Guide - Wig 101

Whether you're new to the world of human hair wigs and human hair toppers, or a seasoned pro - getting a new hairpiece can be nerve racking.

Here are all the tips you need to set up your new human hairpiece for success! 


How To Maintain Your Wig or Topper

High quality wigs need just as much love and attention as your natural hair. In order to increase the wear time and life span of your real hair wig or hair topper, it's important that you take great care of it!

Learn how to wash and dry, store, all the best products to use and some common troubleshooting for your new human hairpiece in this informative blog!

why wont my wig fit? how to put on a wig? how to blend a hair topper? how to make my wig not look bumpy?  

How to wear your natural hair under a human hair wig

We don't want you to end up looking like a cone head when you put your wig on.

Finding the best method that works for your when securing your hair under your wig will be a game changer!

Whether you have a lace front wig, a silk top wig or ever a mix of both - these methods will leave your wig application looking as natural as can be. 
how do i put on a wig? how do you put on a wig cap? how do i make my wig fit? how do i make my wig not look bumpy?


How to put on a hair topper for thinning hair

Human hair toppers for women are a great tool to add more volume and density to your hair.

However, it can be kind of tricky to get the blending just right with your natural hair and the hair topper.

So, we're here to break it down for you and help you blend that topper hair piece like a pro.


best hairpiece for thinning hair - human hair toppers for women - real hair toppers - best hair toppers for women - topper hair piece



How to wash a human hair hairpiece

Just like our natural hair, our human hairpieces need a good wash every once in a while!

Even the highest quality wigs will only last so long if they are not properly taken care of. 

In this video we share all the tips on how to wash your piece without causing damage, and increasing the longevity of the hairpiece! 

how do i wash a wig - do i need to wash my wig - what shampoo and conditioner is best for my wig - will i damage my wig if i wash it


3 ways to curls a human hair hairpiece

Whether you want curls that are big and bouncy or some subtle beach waves, every style is attainable with a curling iron and a little practice!

In this tutorial, professional hair stylist, Dorin Azerad, shows you three ways to curl a human hair wig!

As long as your hairpiece is human hair, these methods will work like a charm. 

how to curl a wig - best hair curling technique - how to get beach curls - how to get big bouncy curls - best way to curl hair


How to do the curly girl method on a human hair wig

If you have a hairpiece that is natural wavy or curly, it is so important to wash and style using the right methods!

The curly girl method ensures that your hairpiece will get the proper pamper and style it needs to become a frizz free, luscious, curly dream!

Watch this virgin curly human hair wig transform with a natural curly hair routine.

how to do the curly girl method - natural curly hair routine - how to wash a curly hair wig - how i was my curly hair

Now that you have all the tips needed to rock your new hairpiece, what are you waiting for - show the world the new you, with a new do!

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How I Beat Trichotillomania: My Journey to Self-Love and Acceptance

How I Beat Trichotillomania: My Journey to Self-Love and Acceptance

Jessica celebrates Hair Loss Awareness Month by sharing her experience with Trichotillomania, a body focused repetitive disorder (BFRB). While struggling alone for so long and wondering to herself if trichotillomania will ever go away, she found a community through wearing hair that helped her overcome her feelings for isolation and fear.
Suran Yoo
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